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What prefix should i get on the buffalo

What's the best prefix for the buffalo? The scopeless jakobs sniper that looks like something from battlefield 5
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Grinding for lasers

I've been putting two legendaries and a purple laser into the grinder for the past two hours now (exiting without saving when I don't like the result) and I only ever seem to be getting the four worst ones (cat o nine tails, min min lighter etc) and I was wondering if it's even possible to get one of the better lasers by doing this method (an absolute zero would be nice)
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Sorry I haven’t been on

I haven’t been on in awhile so sorry I had a lot of stuff going on
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When want to show someone your Cobra.
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Finally. A fire one with a maliwan grip
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Lets get this post 10000 comments XD

Lets try to break the comment section
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Everybody's favorite character

I main a siren love all the health regen and being able to heal team mates
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Favorite dlc

Mine is form the first game doctor neds zombie island
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Wich Class is best?

  • Acton (Cammando)
  • Maya (Siren)
  • Zer0 (Assassin)
  • Salvador (Gunzerker)
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Favorite Manufacturer?

What is your favorite Manufacturer from any game. My favorite would have to be jakobs in all of the borderlands because of the high damage style, followed by vladof because I love reaching fire rate cap.

For shields it would have to be pangolin because of simple high shield capacity.

Finally for grenades would have to be torgue because who doesn't love grenades that explode more than once .
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Finally hit level 70

FINALLY. Now who wants to do some lev 70 gun grinding?
If you do add me on psn and i play on ps3
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Try this meme

This me and my friends when we fight master Gee
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My discord!

Heres my discord! (Add the emojis as well)
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Memes, boys?

We should make borderlands memes tbh, i think it would be funny, qny suggestions?
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Jakobs Assault Rifles

Do you think they should be assault rifles or smgs since it's based on the US Thompson SMG
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As an axton main I feel really triggered that the sentrys can't hit the levithan or the warrior when deployed
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