(Approach 1D-TP)

1D-TP: Heeeeeey!

(Accept mission)

1D-TP: Oil! Oiloiloiloiloiloiloiloil. Braaap. Hungry! Bucket! Get bucket!

(Pick up barrel)

1D-TP: Fill bucket! Mgghghgnnnaahhhhh.

(Place and fill barrel)

1D-TP: Blrp. You 1D friend! Now generator!

(Pick up generator)

1D-TP: Blrph. Springs! You go Springs!

(Approach Springs)

Springs Hologram: How ya goin'? You here for 1D's Orbatron? How can anyone refuse that cute little fella anything?

(Place barrel)

1D-TP: Hrlthghtlrlthrgh!

(Place generator)

1D-TP: FRIEND! Friend? Where power? NEED!

(Turn on generator)

1D-TP: Ohrghooo! Hrghthlrghth! 1D likes. Now, Orbatron! Hahahaha! Ahah, Orbatron! Ahaha!

(Give Orbatron)

1D-TP: Mmmgrhththrghthtmmmlgthth!

(Turn in)

1D-TP: Mooooooore.

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