A Bubble for your Thoughts is a challenge in Subconscious worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter must find and pop (destroy) five specific bubbles floating around in the level.


At five locations in the first area of Subconscious (before the Sub-Subconscious section), bubbles will be floating up from down below. In each stream of bubbles, occasionally one will be larger than the rest and have an image of a character's face inside it. Popping those bubbles with any damage-producing source will cause Claptrap's voice to give a line of dialog about his thoughts on the character in question. Popping all five of these bubbles will cause the challenge to complete.

  1. Lilith - "Lilith's scaaaary!"
  2. Roland - "Is Roland boring or cool? Or are they the same thing?"
  3. Davis Pickle - "Pickle is lonely."
  4. Nurse Nina - "Ooh! Nina is Ivan Vladof's missing sister!"
  5. Mordecai - "Mordecai drinks too much. It suits him."

Bltps claptastic challenge a bubble for your thoughts map


  • This challenge can be bugged when playing in multiplayer - some players may not be able to pop the necessary bubbles. This challenge is best completed in singleplayer.


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