The challenge is to kill Poop Deck before the Skipper does. Poop Deck dies during the story mission while getting the Artificial Intelligence; he will not respawn. He is located in Pity's Fall before the Bosun. When the door opens Poop Deck will step forward and Skipper will slam the door back down crushing Poop Deck.

Completing the challenge may prove difficult. Poop Deck will not respawn once killed in game, so players only get one shot at the challenge, unless they join another player's game who has not killed him yet.

There are several methods that are effective. Vladof grenades, since they have AoE damage, will be useful since they can be thrown at the door before it even opens. One grenade will not sufficient. As Poop Deck is a flesh enemy, fire grenades would make the most sense, though he is not spawned within an atmosphere. A singularity grenade could also be used to drag him away from the falling door, though it would require a great deal of timing and the grenade would need a short a fuse time.

There is a very small window of opportunity to freeze him before he reaches the doorway where he will be crushed. An Exacalibastard is guaranteed to freeze him if it lands a critical hit.

Similarly, any character utilizing a sniper build may be effective. An appropriate level Jackob's sniper and amp shield can provide enough damage to kill Poop Deck before he is crushed.


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