A New Direction is the fifth story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Reach Crisis Scar
  • Pick up prisms: 0/3
  • Kill Darksiders: 0/20
  • Report to SC4V-TP
  • Go to secret entrance
  • Use intercom at secret entrance
  • Reach Crisis Scar unnoticed
  • Find signal source
  • Defeat gate guards
  • Find signal source
  • Kill RedBelly
  • Turn off signal
  • Use maintenance console
  • Destroy relays 0/3
  • Return to Concordia
  • Meet Jack in Concordia
  • Find CU5TM-TP
  • Follow CU5TM-TP
  • Confront the Meriff
  • Get to Springs


Head on forward. A few kraggon pebbles and also a Kraggon Immolator are waiting for еру Vault Hunters. Remember killing that one will spawn 2 more kraggon pebbles. Head up the slope and around the corner.

Head over to the East and jump over the lava. Follow the slope up and then turn to the left. Go on toward the gate ahead of you. Be sure to cycle up the Airdome Generator. There are a number of scavs and the odd lunatic. Use the distance to help provide cover against their very erratic fire. Clear them out and you will hear from Red Belly. You'll need to deal with the Gate Guards.

Head inside the Comms Facility. You have a lot of scavs to deal with. Expect a few lunatics and raiders as well.

Clear out the majority of the first wave and you'll hear from Red Belly. They will be sending in their Jetpack Scavs. They will come in from the South. Take them out quickly to make things easier overall. After that go to the Northeast.

Clear out most of the scavs in the area. Save some though. Head over to the gate in the Northeast corner of this area. From it a Badass outlaw. Fight your way past him and head through the door that he opened.

Once inside this hallway, just head to the right. Go up the stairs there and follow the hallway. It's nice and calm for a minute here. Go for the next door that leads outside. From there just go to the left. This will lead you to the Power Substation. Here you will encounter a number of scavs. Keep some distance and use the various Barrels to thin out their ranks a bit faster. There are a few jetpack scavs that you have to deal with as well.

Deal with them and start making your way to the Southwest when you reach the turn in the path. This will lead you toward the big building. You will have some fighting with more scavs and some raiders or lunatics.

Head on through the door after that. Take some time to stock up on your ammo and health. A boss fight is waiting around the corner.


"Return to Concordia and confront the Meriff."

Turn In: Springs

Mission Transcript

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