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A Real Boy: Human is the third and final part of an optional mission series given by Mal in the Eridium Blight.



  • Defeat Mal



Thanks to some hope, magic, and gunfire, Mal finally became human. Sort of.


  • Since Mal is confined to a fairly small area, it's relatively easy to lead him outside of the confines of the arena. From there he can be fought from a vehicle making it an easier win.
  • Targets far away from Mal may cause him to propel himself through the air with his jetpack to close the distance. If Mal is defeated while airborne, he will remain in the air after the mission, preventing it from being turned in until the game is reloaded.[1]


  • The title of the mission is a reference to The Adventures of Pinocchio, where the title character wants to become "a real human boy". The reward, the Fibber, supports this too, where one of the main morals of the story was to not tell a lie, or fib.

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