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(accepting mission)

Mal: Hi! I've come to a realization! I now see that humanity doesn't come from wearing clothes, or having a face made from flesh - on Pandora, humanity means trying to kill other humans! Sooooo... die! Thank you for helping me! Once I've murdered you, I will truly be a human being!

(Quotes during combat)

  • "I am trying very hard to win!"
  • "If I were alive, my adrenaline would be pumping!"

(defeating Mal)

Mal: Ow! That hurt! Wait! Humans feel pain! I felt pain! That must mean I'm human!

Mal: (singing) I'm hu-man! I'm hu-man! Yay! This is the best day of my life!

(turning mission in)

Mal: By the way, that fight was very fun! Please feel free to come back so we may do it again!

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