(To do: Everything forward from the cutscene at beginning)

(Start Cutscene)

Tiny Tina: Once upon a time, the Vault Hunters... played a game. The world is on the brink of going boom-boom. This is our most desperate hour. Unless we make a stand, here and now, we gonna die. Now...


Brick: What's initiative?

Lilith: It says which order we attack in.

Brick: I punch the initiative.

Mordecai: What's going on? I wasn't paying attention.

Lilith: Tina, why don't you start over?

Tiny Tina: Ahem. Welcome, fine ladies, to your first session of the coolest game in the world: Bunkers and Badasses. As your bunker master, I will be spinning today's tale of fantasy and --

Mordecai: Wait, why the hell are we playing this kid's game?

Tiny Tina: Oh you know maybe because SHUT THE HELL UP MORDY--

Lilith: -- Tina! She's right though, shut up.

Tiny Tina: While our Vault Hunting buddies beat the slamma jamma out of that Hyperion informant downstairs, I thought we could play a game. Now -- pick your characters. You gots the Mechromancer. the Commando, the Siren --

Brick: Siren. Dibs. My Siren's name is Brick, and she is the prettiest.

Lilith: Tina, why don't we just start now and figure that out later?

Tiny Tina: Come on girl. You know we gotta wait for Roland before we start.

Lilith: Tina, Roland's... you know Roland's not coming, right? He's not... here. Anymore.

Tiny Tina: Yeah, he's probo runnin' late or something. We'll just start now. So, like I said: ROLL FOR INITIATIVE SUCKAS!

(End Cutscene)

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