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A Train to Catch is a story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Roland.



  • Meet Roland in Sanctuary
  • Go to Tundra Express
  • Ignite varkids
  • Wake up Roland's spy
  • Meet Tina
  • Leave Tina's garage (if anyone lingers inside)
  • Pick up damsels: 0/2
  • Hijack Hyperion train
  • Go to wreckage site
  • Get vault key


After arriving in Tundra Express, the next objective is to awaken Roland's spy Mordecai by lighting three varkids on fire simultaneously. Low damage incendiary guns can be used, although it is often simpler to employ area effect fire damage from a grenade or a fire nova shield. Incinerators located throughout the Tundra Express can quickly ignite all the varkids at once, however any Vault Hunter caught in their area of effect may sustain lethal damage.

The next objective is to meet with Tiny Tina and recover two explosives from the Buzzard Academy. After returning them, the two explosives must be taken to a building where they can be set off and stop the train, which in turn creates a bridge to the End of the Line. Snowblind Defile beyond is populate with an array of loaders and the occasional surveyor, before giving way to Terminus Plateau where the culmination of the mission takes place.

The plateau appears to be uninhabited, but when a wrecked train carriage in the middle is approached, it is cast aside and Wilhelm emerges from the wreckage. Wilhelm has high health and is well-shielded, although he is unshielded for the first few seconds of the fight. He periodically digistructs Surveyors and Shield Surveyors. He can also throw away nearby train carriages to unearth the loaders stuck underneath. The surveyors will heal Wilhelm and regenerate his shield, while the rescued loaders provide him with additional fire support.

Wilhelm initiates a powerful melee attack and can inflict serious harm if he manages to close distance with a Vault Hunter. Occasionally he will launch himself into the air towards the Vault Hunter's location, and will spin his upper body around in circles, knocking the Vault Hunter back. This is very dangerous as he can knock Vault Hunters off the cliff. Otherwise, his primary ranged attack is to launch missiles and grenades.

Wilhelm is largely immune to fire weapons, but his shield can be rapidly depleted with shock weapons. Like most Hyperion robots, he is weak to corrosive damage. Consequently, he can be rapidly dispatched by immediately unloading a corrosive weapon on him when he first appears, before his shield generates. He has no resistance to slag weaponry; combining slag corrosive damage can be used to take him down quickly. The ledge overlooking Terminus Plateau provides a convenient position for a sniper as Wilhelm doesn't go up there.

At the beginning of the fight, Wilhelm has a tendency to stand or walk in a small area, focusing on digistructing his surveyors. This leaves him vulnerable to corrosive cloud grenades. Because he remains standing in the grenade status effect cloud for a lengthy time, this tactic can drain his health faster than his surveyors can heal him.



  • This mission offers a guaranteed opportunity to get a Tinderbox pistol. When the mission is active, shooting the head off the snowman found at the Southern entrance of Tundra Express will produce a single Tinderbox. Once the pistol has been picked up or the mission is completed, shooting the snowman's head will only produce random items.
  • Wilhelm is programmed to initiate melee occasionally. He is not programmed to respond to melee initiated against him.
  • The power core can be lost over the cliff edge if Wilhelm is killed near the edge, rendering the core unreachable. Exiting and re-entering the area fixes this.


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