Adaptive Shield
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Manufacturer: Anshin
Model: Adaptive Shield
Game: Borderlands 2
[Adaptive Shield Variants]

Adaptive Shields are a common shield type in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured by Anshin.

Usage & Description

Adaptive shields boost maximum health and also provide a set elemental resistance. Unlike regular shields with elemental resistance, this resistance is dynamic and sets to the element the wearer was last damaged by.

Adaptive shields need to be attacked first to gain a resistance, and the resistance will only last for a while, making attacks that are strong with long durations much more dangerous as it can lose resistance during this period. It can also only resist a single element at a time, which means encountering enemies with multiple element attacks can be dangerous, particularly if one of them is slag.

As rarity increases, adapted elemental resistance and bonus maximum health increase.


  • Neogenator - Legendary shield that increases maximum health and adds health regeneration at the cost of shield capacity.
  • Evolution - Seraph shield similar to the previous but health regeneration rate increases as the shield takes damage.

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