Admiral Mikey was the Admiral of the Crimson Lance 3rd Starborne Brigade. As mentioned in some of the ECHO recorders, General Knoxx hates him as he was literally 5 years old, earning his position through nepotism.

His service as an Admiral

As far as can be discerned, Admiral Mikey had the interests, intelligence and mindset of the average 5 year old child. He most certainly did not understand his position within the Crimson Lance, as his only response to General Knoxx requesting orders was to send a macaroni picture he had made. He didn't seem to be actively aggressive or cruel, as when Knoxx started to get more obviously agitated in his messages, Admiral Mikey tried to send him some chocolate. Sadly, this didn't do much to change Knoxx's opinion of him.

Admiral Mikey reportedly had high-ranking Atlas officials acting as advisors for him. However, the fact that he was able to order General Knoxx to Pandora for no reason at all, combined with the subsequent ignorance of Knoxx's reports by his superiors, indicates the incompetence of the brigade as a whole. In fact, Knoxx openly comments in one of his final reports on how he wouldn't trust them to "find their keys if they dropped them into their own pockets."


It was said on General Knoxx's Twitter that Admiral Mikey "is no longer with us", having fallen down about 30,000 stairs on July 15th, 2010[1] .

Presumably Admiral Mikey's death contributed to the fall of the Atlas Corporation along with the failure to recontrol Pandora by Shock & Awe, due to the fact that Mikey's could not produce an heir.

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