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Adult Skags are the first truly dangerous breed of skag a player will encounter. While Whelps and Pups can be a problem when grouped, Adults are a threat even when alone. Adult Skags can leap long distances for large amounts of damage, and are capable of knocking players back quite a long ways. Adult Skags have been known to charge, and this attack deals even more damage, and causes even stronger knock back than the leaping attack, but its rare. Adult Skags are also the first Skags encountered that eschew the biting attack in favor of a more damaging double-slash with their claws, and have a tongue long enough to whip a player even when they are backing away.

Their armored sections reduce all bullet and melee damage by just over two thirds. However, they are vulnerable to Corrosive damage.



Playthrough 1: Adult Skag
Playthrough 2: Feral Skag
Playthrough 2.5: Bestial Skag


In Borderlands

In Borderlands 2:

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