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Dippity Ahab LV30
"Split your lungs with blood and thunder!"
Manufacturer: Torgue
Type: Rocket Launcher
Model: Ahab
Element: Explosive
Game Borderlands 2
Special Part(s):
[Ahab Variants]

Ahab is a Seraph rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue. The Ahab can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in Oasis in True Vault Hunter Mode and Normal or as a rare drop from Master Gee the Invincible in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Special Weapon Effects

for hate's sake. – Shoots a harpoon styled projectile that sticks into a target before exploding. The projectile will curve downward steeply. Increased damage, decreased reload speed and capacity. Greatly reduced blast radius.

Usage & Description

The Ahab, while possesing a massive damage output, is limited to short to mid-range engagement due to it's projectile arc and reduces blast radius, which make it difficult to hit an enemy at long range. Assasins  and Sirens can increase the Ahab's usefulness at long range with the skills Vel0city and Accelerate, respectively, as this will reduce the arc over distance.


  • Shots fired from the Ahab still do full damage to Hyperius the Invincible and his minions while they are shielded.


  • The Ahab is a reference to the character Captain Ahab from the novel Moby-Dick; or, The Whale. The flavor text is also a reference to the same book from the last lines "for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee."

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