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Ajax is a Lance Rocketeer boss who appears in the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


Ajax spawns in Road's End when the side mission This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2 is accepted.



Main article: This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2


  • Ajax is a respawning boss.
  • When defeated, Ajax will drop Ajax's Spear.
  • He also has a chance to drop a pearlescent weapon.
  • One of the ECHO recorders for the mission Knoxxed Out is nearby.
  • If the mission Mop Up is active, Ajax counts as a Badass. Like other Badasses, he does not count as his base Lance Rocketeer category.


  • Ajax was a mythological Greek hero from Homer's Iliad.

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