(Accept mission)

Cybil: I'm Cybil, leader of The Liberation Front of Concordia. We're Mother Nature's little helpers, and there's a species on the brink of extinction in desperate need of rescue. I'm sending a set of coordinates to your ECHO -- I'll lay things out properly when you get there.

(Enter Stanton's Liver)

Cybil: Liberation Front sources notified us of some indigenous creatures known only as "cuties". You know, I never heard of them, but they sound divine -- and their natural habitat is being wrecked by horrible corporate sludge! We need to put a stop to the pollution, and time's running out!

Cybil: This used to be a Dahl refinery before the Crackening. Naturally, this being Elpis, some filthy scavengers have moved in. Show them no mercy!

(Kill scavs)

Cybil: Oh yeah, you really did some damage there! I just love hearing bones breaking, flesh ripping, screams of the dying! Tells me I'm making a real difference!

(Enter control station)

Cybil: Oh... there's more than one button. You'll have to input the correct sequence to shut off the flow.

Cybil: A smart Vault Hunter like you shouldn't find that too hard.

(Enter wrong combination)

Cybil: What are you doing?! Turn the pumps off. I'm trying to save the cuties, not drown them in more effluence!

(Enter correct combination)

Cybil: Good work! Now the slime is gone, cuties are free to emerge and frolic with abandon. Navigate that disgusting waste and go save the cuties!

(Enter The Duct)

Cybil: What a mess! Someone should really clear that up!

(Engage torks)

Cybil: Goodness! What on earth are those?! I don't like them, eugh! They're not cute at all! Kill them, will you?! Kill them all!

(Kill 2 torks)

Cybil: My, sounds like something big is in that container!

(Kill 4 torks)

Cybil: Stop that one! I'ts getting away! Get it! Get it!

(Kill 5 torks)

Cybil: That one's even more disgusting than the smaller ones! Kill it! Hack it to pieces! Shred it with bullets! Kill! Kill! KILL! KILL! KILL!

(Kill even more disgusting tork)

Cybil: Well. Another productive day for The Liberation Front of Concordia. Nature triumphs once more! And if I've learnt anything it's that nature always wins. Come back and I'll pay you for your valuable work!

(Turn in)

Cybil: Great work! We both hit the karma jackpot out there!

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