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The Allegiance Relic is a common Relic manufactured by the Eridians.

Special Effect

Boosts a specific manufacturer's weapon traits. 

Effects include the following, and can only apply to its appropriate manufacturer.

Allegiance Effects Damage Acc. Recovery Burst Delay Fire Rate Mag. Size Max Acc. Recoil Red. Reload Speed
Bandit Yes - - Yes - - - Yes
Dahl - - Yes - Yes - Yes -
Hyperion Yes - - - - Yes - Yes
Jakobs - Yes - - Yes - Yes -
Maliwan Yes - - Yes - - - Yes
Tediore Yes - - - Yes - Yes -
Torgue - Yes - Yes Yes - - -
Vladof Yes Yes - - - - Yes -


  • Can boost up to two weapon traits.
  • Only Dahl can use the Burst Delay trait.
  • Only Hyperion can use the Max Accuracy trait, which increases the gun's starting accuracy, reducing the time taken to get to the max accuracy (listed accuracy).

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