Altar Ego: Burning Heresy begins a three mission series to stamp out a new religion that has sprung up among the bandit population.


"We need to put an end to this new 'religion' the bandits are creating, before they gain a following and all hell breaks loose. I can't help but wonder what started the whole thing, but I'm paying you to end it. I want you to destroy the scriptures that they preach at each of their altars."


Borderlands - Altar Ego Burning Heresy bob03:23

Borderlands - Altar Ego Burning Heresy bob

Video walkthrough


Main: Burn the scriptures at bandit chapels.

  • 1st scripture burnt.
  • 2nd scripture burnt.
  • 3rd scripture burnt.


This is a follow the way point to the objective mission.

  1. The first scripture in the north-western corner of Rust Commons East, directly north from the Middle of Nowhere. The bandit shrine is below the hill on which several huts are located and next to the waters where spiderants spawn. When the scripture is burned, multiple spiderants will begin to spawn.
  2. The second scripture is through the tunnel by the Middle of Nowhere outpost, then north. Burning the scripture will cause psychos of all sorts to spawn from the nearby huts.
  3. The third is south of the Middle of Nowhere outpost. They are all in a hut/house structure.


"I should've known, we've only made them angrier and more zealous. Fortunately, I've got new information that'll put an end to these charlatans."



  • QR Code translates to: NICK WILSON / HO OH .
  • Trophy Item Card: Bandit Scripture: Altar Ego: Burning Heresy - It's impossible to make out anything written here.
  • The scriptures are collected like any other item, not actually burned. However, the illusion of burning it created by the flame. The scriptures will not appear in a character's inventory.

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