Animal Rescue: Medicine is a side mission in Borderlands 2, and involves helping out Dukino, a skag that has been abandoned in a cage near the railroad tracks in Lynchwood.



"Not all skags are dangerous."
  • Free Dukino
  • Find puppy medicine
  • Give medicine to Dukino
  • Find food for Dukino: 0/5
  • Give food to Dukino


Free Dukino by smashing or activating the chain on him. The medicine is located on top of the Pharmacy building with a "Drugs/Rx" sign, it is about two rows in from the train tracks. Access to the roof is by climbing up the stairs of the adjacent building and jumping across. The food is scattered around the upper section of town in the vicinity of Gunslinger's Corner.


"You fed and healed the skag. He still looks a bit hungry, though..."

Turn In: Dukino


  • Mission items:
    • Puppy Medicine - "Guaranteed to cure all ailments."
    • Skag on a Stick - "One gourmet roasted skag. On a stick."

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