(At the east side of the main street Vault Hunter finds a chained skag pup.)

Scooter: Awwww, that skag looks sad as hell, all chained up like that. Maybe you could blast that chain and let him loose. Uh, 'pologies in advance if he eats yer face off.

(Mission objectives update: Free Dukino)

(Vault Hunter shoots the chain setting Dukino free.)

Scooter: Aw, that little feller looks wounded. His mom musta abandoned him or somesuch. I'd usually recommend bustin' a cap in his cooch-mouth, but he seems nice enough -- you could get him some medicine so he stops makin' that sad-ass noise, though.

(Mission objectives update: Find puppy medicine)

(Vault Hunter finds and picks up medicine.)

(Mission objectives update: Give medicine to Dukino)

(Vault Hunter gets back and gives medicine to Dukino)

Scooter: Awww. He looks hungry. Maybe get 'im some skag chews.

(Mission objectives update: Find food for Dukino 0/5)

(Vault Hunter finds a piece of food for Dukino.)

Scooter: Hey, you think it's weird that we're feedin' skag parts to other skags? It's kinda weird. That feels weird.

(Vault Hunter collects remaining 4 pieces.)

(Mission objectives update: Get food to Dukino)

(Vault Hunter gets back and gives food to Dukino.)

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Dukino.)

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