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Animal Rescue: Shelter is a side mission in Borderlands 2, set in Lynchwood. The character is tasked with helping Dukino the skag find a new home. This mission is available upon turning in the previous mission, Animal Rescue: Food, to Dukino.



"If you give a skag some food, he's going to want a home..."

  • Follow Dukino
  • Clear out the Old Mine
  • Find new home for Dukino


After accepting the mission, follow Dukino to the elevator which will take the character to the Old Mine. The mission is completed by killing all the Rats in the mine and can then be turned in to Dukino.


"The skag is well-fed and has a new home. You get the impression the skag will need your help with something else later on."

Turn In: Dukino


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