Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

The Ardo Farm

Finding a way over the back fence of the area will lead to an outhouse for loot, and one of the three assistants for the Horrible Assistants badass challenge.

Bone Metal Camp

The Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine is an area in the north-east of Ardorton Station cut off by a door. It is home to one of Nakayama's foul creations, Woundspike. A short stairway down in the back corner conceals a weapons chest and a discoverable vault symbol.

Iron Rail Rotunda

Iron Rail Rotunda, in the eastern end of Ardorton Station, is an open grassy enclosure lightly populated by scaylions. A Fast Travel station and two vending machines occupy the most eastern reaches and provide quick access to a connection point to Hunter's Grotto.

The Morgue

The Psycho Surgery

The Offal Overlook

Skin-Chop Chop Shop

  • This is a relatively large, indoor open space with basic savage spawns on the sides, and an elevated platform with stairs on the east end.



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