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(accepting mission)

Dr. Zed: I just ordered some serious merchandise from an arms dealer. Man's gotta protect his business, after all. I'ma need you to pick up the shipments, quick as you can.

Dr. Zed: Ooh - that arm's lookin' good. He musta worked out.

Dr. Zed: That arm must have belonged to a seamstress or somethin'. You can tell from the metatarsels.

Dr. Zed: You nearly got 'em all, just keep hustlin'!

Dr. Zed: Not much time before those go bad - better hurry!

Dr. Zed: Good hustle! Just put those babies in my PO box and we'll see if that arms dealer lives up this reputation.

Dr. Zed: Well, there's a joke somewhere about how those cost me an arm and a leg. I can't think of one right now, but I could sell those for a fortune.

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