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Bad Hair Day
Location Southern Shelf
Given By Sir Hammerlock
Level 5
Rewards 362 XP, $15, Sniper Rifle/Shotgun
True Vault Hunter Mode
Level 35
Rewards $475, 10,369 XP, Sniper Rifle/Shotgun
Previous This Town Ain't Big Enough
Game Borderlands 2
Mission Type Optional mission

Bad Hair Day is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 to retrieve hair samples from Bullymongs for Sir Hammerlock.




Bullymong hair samples are retrieved by lowering bullymong health with gunfire and then melee attacking them to achieve the kill. The killing blow must be delivered by a melee attack in order for the fur to be acquired. Locations where bullymongs congregate are marked on the map with large circles.

Part way through the process of collecting fur, Claptrap will send a transmission requesting that he be the recipient of the fur in exchange for a shotgun, which is then countered by another transmission from Hammerlock offering a sniper rifle.



  • Sniper Rifle (If the fur is given to Sir Hammerlock)
    • JAKOBS
    • Damage            70-75
    • Accuracy           95.6-7
    • Fire Rate             3.1-3
    • Reload Speed     4.0-5.0
    • Magazine Size    6-8
  • Shotgun (If the fur is given to Claptrap).
    • TORGUE
    • Damage            21 x13
    • Accuracy           33.7
    • Fire Rate            0.8
    • Reload Speed    3.8
    • Magazine Size   5
  • True Vault Hunter mode: Sniper Rifle (If the fur is given to Sir Hammerlock)
    • ​JAKOBS
    • Damage            2929
    • Accuracy           94.4
    • Fire Rate            3.1
    • Reload Speed    4.0
    • Magazine Size   8
  • True Vault Hunter mode: Shotgun (If the fur is given to Claptrap).
    • TORGUE
    • Damage            920 x13
    • Accuracy           21.9
    • Fire Rate            0.8
    • Reload Speed    3.2
    • Magazine Size   6


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