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BadassBug.exes are massive bugs, encountered frequently amongst lesser bugs during Claptastic Voyage.



BadassBug.exes move fast and have powerful laser attacks. They shoot much more frequently than their lesser counterparts, occasionally launching multiple lasers at once. Also like their lesser counterparts, they can release a powerful short-range nova when a Vault Hunter ventures too close, easily depleting even high capacity shields in one nova.

BadassBug.exes always feature powerful shields that require a lot of force to deplete, and due to them featuring armor instead of health, shock and corrosive or explosive weapons are recommended when one appears, as they are heavily resistant to incendiary damage and are also highly resistant to being actually frozen by cryo damage, and thaw out much faster than lesser bugs.



  • BadassBug.exes bear resemble to the X-Wing starfighters from Star Wars - the split "wings" can move apart into an X shape or remain flat together, much like X-Wings.

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