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Badass Knight
Race Human
Faction Knight
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
 Badass Knights are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are larger, more tougher versions of the more common Knight.


Badass Knights are heavily armored and wield both a large claymore sword and a tower shield. In addition to this they have high health and damage output. Since they are only armed with a sword, Badass Knights will move in close to hit enemies with their sword. However, sometimes they will throw their swords from a distance. Also, they will sometimes perform a leaping attack with their sword, jumping great distances to smash their sword onto their target.

The large tower shield they carry defelects gunfire and is impervious to frontal assault, much like a Nomad's shield.


  • Badass knights have the Bloodshot symbol painted on the front of their shields.
  • The most common critical spot, much like every other Knight, is actually their buttocks. As funny as it seems, there might be other critical locations to their frame.

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