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Badass Orc Warlords are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are large and powerful orcs, wielding a large, weapon and clad in armor.


A Badass Orc Warlord's melee attacks are devastating and when used in rapid succession, can easily put a Vault Hunter into Fight For Your Life mode. Like all badass enemies, Badass Orc Warlords are considerably tougher than most of their brethren. Badass Orc Warlords have three basic attacks; a ground-pound attack, a leaping ground-pound attack, and an attack which involves swinging their weapon in a wide arc.

In addition to their high health and damage output, Badass Orc Warlords have armored grieves, shin guards and a single pauldron on their left shoulder. A helmet protects their head against critical hits. However, Badass Orc Warlords are vulnerable to incendiary damage.


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