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Peter Zaford, more commonly known as the bagman, is a miniboss encountered in Borderlands 2. He is found during the mission Clan War: End of the Rainbow at The Holy Spirits.

Peter is a midget, and the younger son of Mick Zaford. Not only does he have stunted growth, but he also suffers from a psychological disorder and carries out a running conversation with an imaginary personality whom he refers to as "Voice-In-Me-Head." He harbours a deep seated jealousy towards his deceased older brother Lucky Zaford, who was apparently treated as the favoured son by their father.



Main article: Clan War: End of the Rainbow


  • The bagman initially appears as a non-player character wandering around The Holy Spirits during Clan War: Starting the War, but cannot be interacted with at this time.
  • He has a chance to drop the Pot O' Gold when killed, but also only appears while Clan War: End of the Rainbow is active making the item difficult to acquire.
  • Beyond his appearance, the game also treats the Bagman as a Hyperion Engineer, and killing him counts towards the Paingineering challenge.


  • One of the mission objectives in Clan War: End of the Rainbow, refers to Peter as "the leprechaun", a diminutive creature of Irish folklore.

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