Bandit Slaughter is a series of five optional survival missions in succession given by Fink in his Slaughterhouse.


Each mission has the same principle structure. This involves surviving 3-5 waves of bandits per mission. Each mission also has an optional object for killing bandits with critical hits.

The mission sequence is available during Rising Action. Upon entering the The Fridge, the connection to Fink's Slaughterhouse becomes available.

The reward for completion is Hail which is a unique Vladof assault rifle.


  • If a character dies, they can still assist via the elevator up to the viewing gallery.
  • During any wave, eliminating all but one enemy and evading can regenerate health and allow restocking on ammo before the next wave.
  • A Save & Quit, then Continue after completing a mission round resets all the exploding barrels as well as all the ammo canisters. This can be done repeatedly to refill ammo for free.
  • Getting a critical hit kill with an elemental weapon will often not be added to the count. It is recommended to use a non-elemental weapon for these missions.


  • Sometimes the match will not progress between waves, even though all visible enemies have been killed. A save & quit seems to be the only way out of this, and the quest is failed.

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