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Bandit Slaughter is a series of five optional survival quests given by Fink in his Slaughterhouse.


Each mission has the same principle structure. This involves surviving 3-5 waves of bandits per quest. Each quest also has an optional object for killing bandits with critical hits.

The mission is available right before turning in Bright Lights, Flying City.


  • If a player dies, they can still assist you. Take the elevator up to the viewing gallery and you are able to shoot through the windows.
  • During any wave, try to eliminate all but one enemy, then take your time evading him while you regenerate health and pick up ammo & loot. Once you're fully loaded and charged, kill him and prepare for the next wave.
  • A Save & Quit, then Continue after completing a Round resets all the exploding barrels as well as all the ammo cannisters. This can be done repeatedly to refill ammo for free.


  • Sometimes the match will not progress between waves, even though you have killed every visible enemy. A save & quit seems to be the only way out of this, and you fail the quest. Another glitch is present with the registration of critical hit kills as the bonus task. If you get a critical hit kill with an elemental weapon it will often not be added to the count. It is recommended to use a non-elemental weapon for this chain of quests.

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