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  • Find the stash.


"The ragged map in the strongbox marks a location in the Dahl Headland. The bandit's dying wish was that his treasure not fall into the hands of the Crimson Lance. You feel duty-bound to grant the man's final request by taking it for yourself."

Take a Runner from Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole and head for the cliffs in the north. A hidden catwalk descends down the cliff face for a short distance leading eventually to a locked shed. Unlocking the shed will allow access to a red weapons chest inside.

The weapons found in the chest vary, but may include Eridian weapons, or class mods. Although the completion message says "there is also a kick-ass gun", it is quite possible for the chest to contain no guns at all, only class mods, shields and/or grenade mods. Even when it does contain weapons there is no guarantee that they will be of exceptional quality.


You've discovered a strongbox like the one in Old Haven. It opens using the same three keys. Inside are various personal mementos from the brothers' childhood, which should fetch a decent price in New Haven. There is also a kick-ass gun.


  • The shed can only be accessed during this mission.

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