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The Barf Skag is an enemy in Borderlands 2 with a barf attack.



Barf skags attack primarily by barfing at their targets when they get close. The attack deals damage and causes a blinding and movement speed effect for the duration of the attack.

Barf skags can also hurl a glob of puke that blinds and causes damage. The skag's violent regurgitations can also hit characters in vehicles. While not damaging the Vault Hunters directly, it will still blind them and impair their ability to drive or shoot from the vehicle. As barf skags almost exclusively rely on their barf attack, they rarely charge forward and bite, so a counter strategy is to dodge the barf at close range then melee or shoot the skag before backing off to avoid its bite.


  • Barf Skag Texture Error

    Bugged remains on 360

    On the Xbox 360 and PC version of Borderlands 2, blowing up a barf skag (either from excessive damage, explosions, or critical hits) can result in the remains having a form of a texture error, turning the remains rainbow colored. There is also an issue with the textures for the quest Monster Mash (Part 2) where the skag parts are missing their correct textures and look rainbow colored.
20170219 002800

Monster Mash (Part 2) texture bug - PC

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