Beam is the title of a group of common lasers in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured by Dahl, Maliwan, Hyperion and Tediore, and features the Maliwan barrel "Beam".

Usage & Description

Beam lasers fire a sustained arc of energy that persists as long as the trigger is held down. Despite its looks, the arc has limited range, and holding down the trigger causes the weapon to sway wildly with recoil, making it hard to control. The only exception is if the laser is produced by Hyperion, in which the arc becomes very accurate with extended use.


Element Body manufacturer
Dahl Hyperion Maliwan Tedore
old new
Arctic Fox Beam Glacier Beam Zero Beam Comet Beam Coolstream Beam
Scorpion Beam Destabilizing Beam Deconstructor Beam Venus Beam Paintstripper Beam
Beetle Beam Convector Beam Afterburner Beam Mercury Beam Enkindler Beam
Eel Beam Motivator Beam Energizer Beam Polaris Beam Spark Beam

Notable variants

  • Maliwan Bright SpadroonUnique always shock Beam with very high damage, extremely large magazine size and high continuous damage bonus but extremely low range.
  • Maliwan FreezeasyUnique always cryo Beam with high elemental effect chance at the cost of drastically reduced gun damage.
  • Maliwan Ol' RosieUnique purple Beam with very high continuous damage bonus.
  • Maliwan Tannis' Laser of EnlightenmentUnique always Incendiary laser with high elemental effect chance and greatly increased magazine size; fires a cone of flames in front of the barrel, at a reduced range.
  • Maliwan Vibra-PulseUnique always shock and healing laser from Moxxi. It fires a continuous beam which inflicts increasingly heavier damage upon a target and chains damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Tedore VandergraffenUnique always shock laser with beam barrel and increased elemental effect chance.
  • Absolute Zero – always cryo Legendary variant of genuine Maliwan Beam in The Claptastic Voyage with greatly increased damage and high elemental effect chance but greatly reduced magazine size.


  • Beam lasers is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

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