Bear Minimum is a location-based Challenge in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.


The teddy bears are brown, very small, and are in the bulb at the bottom of hanging stalker goo. 

  1. From the fast travel after passing the group of stalkers, the path goes over a stream with rock cuts. Between the two cliffs are three strands of stalker goo, connected horizontally to the cliff faces. 
  2. In the southeast area of the map, in the field of stalkers and skags and rakk,  Look north from the observation tower with the shipping container next to it for the giant mushroom with the bear.
  3. Exiting the broken dome, go left (south) and hop on to the ledge surrounding the outer base of the dome. At the end is the bear.
  4. In the first cell to the left (south) after getting past the Super Badass Loader, at one corner near the slag pool.
  5. Inside the stalker facility are several giant mushrooms. Locate the large outflow pipe feeding the creek. Dangling from the mushroom immediately north of the pipe mouth is another bear.


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