The Bearcat is a pearlescent assault rifle manufactured by Dahl. The Bearcat can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source, but has a higher chance to drop from legendary loot midgets, 010011110100110101000111010101110101010001001000 and Pixies (although the last one hasn't been confirmed).

Special Weapon Effects

I love the smell of popcorn in the morning. – High accuracy and damage, improved capacity, reduced reload speed. Fires three grenades in an arched horizontal spread, which bounce off surfaces twice, then explode and spawn a number of child grenades.

Usage & Description

As the Bearcat is a Grenadier-type weapon, it shoots bursts of 3 grenades in a horizontal line, at the cost of 6 ammo per shot. It is best used at short range, as its accuracy is cancelled out by its spread. The fact that the grenades it fires spawn child grenades makes it far more versatile than the average Grenadier, and it proves to be a quick and effective method of dispatching groups of enemies; though can be dangerous to use in small confined areas, due to the added splash damage from the child grenades.


  • Skills that boost gun damage, such as Maya's Reaper, will not boost the grenade damage of the weapon.
  • The Bearcat doesn't have a unique skin like most first generation pearlescents, such as the Stalker or the Avenger.


  • The flavor text for this weapon references the fact that bearcat musk glands emit an odor reminiscent of popcorn.
  • It also references a quote from the movie Apocalypse Now. Specifically, the quote, 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning', said by Kilgore.
  • It is similar to the Jackal (shotgun) from Borderlands, as both are manufactured by Dahl, both are pearlescent and both fire arching grenade projectiles.


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