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  • Go to Henry's lair
  • Kill Henry's minions 0/6
  • Pick up Taggart's fist


"Taggart's Gift for Mom" is a locked box that randomly drops from a stalker after Stalker of Stalkers is complete. Typically this happens in The Highlands, but it can also drop in any location populated by stalkers (e.g., the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, The Fridge, or even the Oasis or Magnys Lighthouse areas of the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC).

Henry's lair is in Hunter's Bane. Six minions will attack once the search is underway, and when these are dealt with Henry will spawn. Taggart's fist drops when Henry is killed.


"Oedipus complex, schmoedipus complex."

Turn In: Taggart's Chest

Rewards: Love Thumper shield, 3208XP


  • Mission Item: "A severed fist, hardened by years of face-punching. The word "MAMA" is tattooed on its knuckles."

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