"Reached the end of each of the 3 larger challenges with one character"

You must attain Hell-Burbia, The Angelic Ruins, and The Gully.


Each of the 3 phases of the Big Tournament has 20 rounds of 5 waves.

They follow the pattern of:

  • Starter Wave: A mix of everything, minus the Bosses
  • Gun Wave: They have guns.
  • Horde Wave: No guns. Just Psychos of all flavors: Regular, Badass, Flaming and Midgets.
  • Badass Wave: Over developed muscle freaks with lots of hit points and bad tactics.
  • Boss Wave: With a few minions just to keep it interesting.

The enemies in the Underdome have the same level as whoever hosts the game, so a good strategy is to have the lowest level character host. That way the other characters have a distinct advantage.

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