Bigfoot is encountered in Generally Hospital zone only when you have the mission The Pack.


Bigfoot is one of four test subjects whom Dr. Ned was testing an anti-zombie antidote on. The antidote was based on skags and apparently did not work as planned. He is brown in color.



  • He has the usual boss attacks, slam, knockback, melee. He has a fair amount of health and has the regeneration and berserk ability of all other Wereskags. His weakness is his open mouth when he roars.
  • You can just go in "full auto" shooting at him or you can burn him to death with an incendiary weapon.

Guaranteed Drops


  • Sometimes he runs away quickly when you fire at him at the start of the area he is in.


  • The "Bigfoot" name refers to the mythic creature bigfoot himself (possibly out of irony, since his feet are very small).

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