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Biggun is the title of a group of common pistols in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured exclusively by Tediore, and use the Torgue barrel. The Biggun is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Bigguns are medium-effectiveness pistols with relatively large magazines, though still puny compared to the 80+ round Bandit-manufactured pistols. Other properties of this weapon include a very high damage per shot, increased recoil, low accuracy and slow reload speed which can be considered beneficial since it gives the player more time to aim a thrown weapon which is usually very quick for Tediore pistols.

Like most Tediore weapons, a Biggun is thrown forward when reloaded, with any rounds left in the magazine being lost but adding significantly to the damage from the explosion. The weapon will bounce a few times like a Lobbed grenade if it does not hit anything, but will explode instantly on contact with an enemy. A high-capacity ("Jam-Packed") Biggun in particular can do substantial damage if fired once and then reloaded.

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