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For other uses, see Biker (faction).

Bikers are basic biker units that appear in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They are generally garbed in full body leathers and carry a range of medium weight weaponry. They appear in all of the factions in the DLC, as well as in non-aligned patrols on the roads.

Biker Units

  • Biker - The most basic type are non-aligned units, and many can often be found riding bikes. Bikers wear dark riding leathers and motorcycle helmets. A few also wear shields.
  • Burner Biker - Burner bikers wear yellow, including a distinctive spiked yellow pith helmet common to Pete's burners. They typically fight with assault rifles and can be found most frequently in The Beatdown.
  • Momma's Biker - These purple and green-clad bikers fight with automatic weapons or sniper rifles.
  • Torgue Biker - Torgue Bikers wear yellow and red, with heavy yellow pauldrons and full black and red helmets. They commonly fight with shotguns and frequent the Badass Crater of Badassitude. Some are equipped with shields.


  • Badass Burner Biker - Badass Burner Bikers are tougher versions of Burner Bikers. They wear yellow clothing with spiked shoulders and pith helmets.
  • Badass Torgue Biker - Badass Torgue Bikers are tougher versions of Torgue Bikers. They wear red and yellow with spiked pauldrons and dark alien helmets like those of regular Torgue Bikers. Badasses likewise carry shotguns, and can also appear wearing a shield.



Bikers are moderately fast units, and will fight using any cover available. When they are heavily wounded they will drop into a crouch, keeping low to the ground and moving slowly.

Badass bikers move quickly and crouch to reload. They run from any attempt to approach them and will maintain at least a medium range while fighting. It is extremely difficult for attackers to approach to within melee range of one if he is aware of the attacker. Wearing shields, they are also much tougher than regular bikers.


  • Killing any of the biker units contributes to the Biker's Killed challenge in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list.
  • Burner Bikers have a chance to drop the Cobra, a unique sniper rifle.

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