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Kill bandits and return to Dr. Zed.



  • Kill 8 bandits
"Nine-Toes placed a few men at a small outpost outside of town, across the road and west. Those men report every move we make, so our next move should be to make them dead."

Dr. Zed states that his actions are being monitored by some of Nine-Toes' thugs. He wants them eliminated. Follow the mission marker outside of Fyrestone and cross the road where there's a small outpost to the west. Only 8 Bandits need to be killed to complete the objective, however it does not take much more effort to kill the rest and loot the camp, which contains a red chest. Once completed, return to Zed and talk to him to complete the mission.


"Well done, friend. Here's the bounty for those guys. By the time Nine-Toes realizes we've taken out his eyes, we'll already be making our next move."

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