Blindsided is the second of the story missions in Borderlands 2.



  • Retrieve Claptrap's eye
  • Dig out Claptrap
  • Defeat Knuckle Dragger
  • Defeat minions
  • Find new gear
  • Loot gear
  • Find Sir Hammerlock
  • Head to Liar's Berg


Claptrap leads the way to Knuckle Dragger in an icy box canyon. Knuckle Dragger behaves like most other Bullymongs, leaping about and hurling rocks, although once reduced to half health she retreats and a wave of Monglets attack. Once killed, she drops Claptrap's eye.

When Claptrap's eye is retrieved from the dead Bullymong, Claptrap leads the way to Liar's Berg and Sir Hammerlock.


"Knuckle Dragger is dead, and you got Claptrap's eye back! Now you just need to find someone to reinstall it for him."


  • Mission Item: Claptrap's Eye - "Claptrap uses it to see stuff."

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