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Sunny Blockhead
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Manufacturer: Tediore
Type: Shotgun
Model: Blockhead
Element: Incendiary
Game Borderlands 2
Special Part(s):
[Blockhead Variants]

The Blockhead is a unique shotgun manufactured by Tediore. The Blockhead is a rare drop from the Creepers in the Caustic Caverns.

Special Weapon Effects

Also try Minecraft! – It fires a unique 3x3 spread of fireball blocks that ricochet off of surfaces. These pellets ricochet once, and explode upon contact with an enemy.

Usage & Description

The weapon's fixed 3x3 fireblock distribution makes it more predictable than most shotguns, and the high projectile count per ammo unit expended makes it a highly efficient shotgun. Its efficiency increases in confined spaces, where its bouncing projectiles will be more likely to strike a target. This weapon always has a fire elemental effect. Due to the explosions created, the Blockhead is extremely useful for penetrating shielded enemies.


Blockhead Projectiles
An example of the Blockhead's 3x3 Fire Block projectile.
  • Under close examination, the fireblock projectiles bear a resemblance to the Minecraft fire texture .
  • The flavor text is a reference to some of the randomly-selected phrases which appear on the Minecraft title screen, which recommend other independent games.
  • "Tediore" is written on the side of the weapon, in a pixellated font, in the place of the normal Tediore brand. This is visible from the first-person viewpoint, but more easily seen when the weapon is examined from inventory.
  • Like with E-tech weaponry, the Blockhead will not set off the orb from Gaige's One Two Boom skill.
  • The Gentle prefix will increase the number of projectiles to x11 instead of x9, and although these two extra projectiles are not shown, they will still hit, resulting in increased damage.


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