• L4C YukiNagato

    You can add the last point and the 4 points from Mad Moxxi wherever you want. Though I'd say to put them in any of the non-full skills. Any class mod is fine as it is general-purpose, but this build is best used with a sniper rifle, and a hunter/ranger/sniper class mod.

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  • AHWaffles
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  • DarkHunter66

    Weapon Style 1: Maliwan Volcano (Act as Pistol)

    Whitting's Elephant Gun (Act as Shotgun)

    Rider or any Sniper with a fire rate of 3 or more (Act as Machine gun)

    Any sniper with a scope over 2.0x and accuracy over 96.0 (Acts as sniper)

    Weapon Style 2: S&S Sniper (I can't remember the actual name right now, but it has good zoom, accuracy and high fire rate)

    A Terrible Matador

    Dahl Steel Anarchy

    Any sort of Masher pistol

    Shield: Any shield with high capacity and decent recharge rate

    Class Mods: Survivor Class Mod (+12 healing or over) (For fast health)

    Sniper Class Mod (+10 Sniper ammo regen or over) (To constantly use your sniper)

    Ranger Class Mod (With +3 or +4 Bird of Prey) (So your bird can kill more enemies and get more health for you)

    Grenade Mod: D…

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  • Blue A10


    December 25, 2009 by Blue A10

    Here's my newest version of him. I'm just putting "Mordecai" now because he levels up.

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  • Blue A10

    Lvl 46 Mordecai

    December 23, 2009 by Blue A10

    Right now he's an anti-bloodwing build really, having completed Gunslinger and Sniper tree. Relentless helps take people out faster, and now I'm thinking of making my guy kill people as quickly as possible to offer no resistance. Once he kills someone he gets the Relentless 5/5, Ritous Remedy 5/5, and at Level 50, Killer 5/5.

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  • WastedPanic

    Bloodwingless Build

    November 5, 2009 by WastedPanic

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  • Communism

    Alpha Builds

    November 5, 2009 by Communism

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  • Aelwrath45

    My test Mordecai build

    October 30, 2009 by Aelwrath45

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