• Sega010

    • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5]
    • Fancy Mathematics [5/5]
    • Potent as a Pony [5/5]
    • Upshot Robot [1/1]
    • Unstoppable Force [5/5]
    • Explosive Clap [1/1]
    • Made of Sterner Stuff [5/5]
    • 20% Cooler [2/5]
    • Sharing is Caring [5/5]

    • More Pep [5/5]
    • Myelin [5/5]
    • Shock Storm [5/5]
    • The Stare [1/1]
    • Strength of Five Gorillas [5/5]
    • Electrical Burn [5/5]
    • Wires Don't Talk [5/5]
    • Interspersed Outburst [5/5]
    • Make it Sparkle [1/1]

    Development of this skill tree is not provided.

    • patient prodigy class mod blue

    • any element shotgun, excluding Shock
    • shock smg
    • any grenade that isn't slag
    • shock gentelmen's Pimpernel
    • shock Fibber

    • Bone of the Ancients

    • Antagonist

    • Source
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  • Leafless

    Immortal Empress

    May 16, 2013 by Leafless

    This build was thoroughly tested by me in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

    It focuses on upgrading Deathtrap to its most efficient form, while Gaige supports him from behind cover with a barrage of bullets.

    • Close Enough [5/5]: Ideal to shoot and slag enemies, while you cuddle yourself up behind a nice cozy cover.
    • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5]: Healing yourself, while taking a nap behind a cover is surely a nice thing.
    • Buck Up [1/1]: Great to get up your shields in every situation (Queen Bees like it too).
    • The Better Half [5/5]: The glass is more than half full....You filled it up with the blood of your enemies.
    • Upshot Robot [1/1]: His name isn't Sigfried and he didn't slay a dragon, but bathing in blood makes him stronger and more durable anyway.
    • Unstop…

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  • Lavisdragoon

    Gaige - Plasma Anarchist

    February 13, 2013 by Lavisdragoon

    Credit for this build goes entirely to Atroization. I started using this build shortly after reaching level 50 with my Mechromancer and I've been a dominant solo player ever since. This is a very aggressive build and the most effective one for Gaige that I've ever seen. Assuming you play it right, you wont be sitting back waiting for your shields to recharge. You burn bright and fast, keep up your momentum and you will rarely lose a battle.

    The revisions for UVHM were devised by myself. As my standpoint is different from Atroization's in several respects, and UVHM's mechanics impact many options significantly, you may find your own twist on this that works better for your playstyle.


    Myelin: 5/5, this is your only other option other than t…

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  • Psinsux

    • Close Enough (3) - Just the right amount. Needed for Anarchy.
    • Cooking Up Trouble (5) - To be tanky
    • Fancy Mathmatics (5) - For the Evolution to make you extra tanky.
    • Buckup (1) - For the Evolution to make you extra extra tanky.
    • Potent Pony (5) - With load out you have over !00,000 Health and 140,000 health w/ Deathtrap active.
    • Upshot Robot (1) - Longer distraction time to recover.
    • Unstoppable force (1) - Not that bad. Not that great.
    • Explosive Clap (1) - Devastating crowdbreaker attack.
    • Made of Sterner Stuff - Makes you tanky while making deathtrap awesome
    • Sharing is Caring - For a tankier Deathtrap.

    • Myelin (5) - Needed for shield resistance
    • Shock Storm (1) - Not that great. Not that bad.

    • Anarchy (1)
    • S,L,F (4)
    • Robot Rampage (1) - This attack, while not e…

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  • Leafless

    • Close Enough [5/5]: Try to actually hit something with -1050% accuracy and without this skill...except for the case, that you like to cuddle with your enemies all the time.
    • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5]: The blood on your shields needs to come from somewhere.
    • Fancy Mathematics [1/5]: The recommended Class Mod will push it up!
    • Potent as a Pony [5/5]: More health is never bad.
    • Upshot Robot [1/1]: Deathtrap wants to get stronger too!
    • Explosive Clap [1/1]: Stay away from Gaige!
    • Made of Sterner Stuff [5/5]: Defense and Offense!
    • 20% Cooler [5/5]: 20% cooler and 30% more reliable.
    • Sharing is Caring [1/1]: A good defense becomes sometimes a good offense.

    • Myelin [5/5]: No matter how often you can recharge your shields, they should still be as strong as possible. …

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  • Leafless

    This build was thoroughly tested by me.

    • Cooking UP Trouble [5/5]: This skill is practically required in every of Gaiges build, because health regeneration is always awesome.
    • The Better Half [5/5]: We need something on the way to Upshot Robot and this one saved Gaiges cute butt several times.
    • Upshot Robot [1/1]: Deathtrap should stay close to you as long as possible.

    • More Pep [5/5]: Status Effects are always nice, so this will help to use them more often.
    • The Stare [1/1]: His gaze is hot and fortunately it doesn't meets yours.
    • Strength of Five Gorillas [4/5]: You get stronger. He gets stronger. Who cares about you, as long as he gets stronger?
    • Electrical Burn [5/5]: Your crackling beauty will ignite their love for just ignites their …

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  • Leafless

    This build was thoroughly tested.

    The thought behind this build is to upgrade Deathtrap as far as possible (with the current Levelcap), especially adding several attack-abilities.

    • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5] - Health-regenaration is never bad
    • Close Enough [5/5] - Never waste ammo...this makes DT sad
    • Upshot Robot [1/1] - More melee damage and more time with your best friend (for the cheap price of 1 enemy)
    • Unstoppable Force [5/5] - Run Gaige, run! And let him do the work.
    • Explosive Clap [1/1] - 1 ability more is 1 way more for your enemies to die
    • Made of Sterner Stuff [5/5] - More Damage and more defense
    • 20% Cooler [5/5] - 18 seconds less for your best friend to come back
    • Sharing is Caring [1/1] - He protects you, so you should protect him in return.

    • More Pep […

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