• MrGlitchSnitch

    So I was playing the tree sapling mission and after I beat it I decided to go farm for the bee I went straight to the elder treant spawn area and first kill first try I got the bee am I just really lucky or the bee spawn rate buffed up?

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  • Raylan13

    E3 Live Discussion

    June 9, 2014 by Raylan13

    E3 is finally here! All week long we'll be covering the gaming world, and each night at 4:00 pm PST we'll be shooting some video featuring those of us that were lucky enough to attend, as well as some hard working Wikians.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for gaming fans to let us know what they want to hear discussed. Is it a particular developer's panel? A new game? Updates for an existing, beloved game? Maybe you hoped to hear about another game entirely! Whatever the topic, go ahead and let us know what interests you the most, and we'll make sure to include it in our list of topics from other communities.

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  • WarBlade

    The release date announcement for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and also the imminent arrival of E3 2014, marks the point where the trickle of information documented on the becomes a surge ahead of the torrent later this year. A link on the Games Hub points to the , and this will undoubtedly bring in a fresh crop of contributors as well.

    I have thus far held back on updates to the articles covering the four playable characters, much to the disappointment of a few I imagine, but this has been for a number of reasons:

    • Those articles currently cover existing characters, and back and forth editing of speculative pre-release information (subject to change) could be detrimental to the documentation of already released content.
    • Speculation is specula…
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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    I have said it many times - Krieg is a one weird Vault Hunter. First PT i died a lot, Second PT everyone died a lot, 3rd PT raid bosses died a lot. But then it went boring. And then Bahroo came up with an idea (actually it was pitched to him) to play the game without any guns or gear i.e. no shield, relic, class mod or grenade. And no guns too. This may look easy because of Krieg's RTB but this one is like challenging the realty we live in. Challenging Gearbox against their own creation.

    Reached Sanctuary after dying around 4-5 times only and at least 100+ LTF. So far i'll say it is fun & challenging but far from impossible. It is easily doable but what i am worried about is fighting bigger bosses like badass constructor, Saturn, Dukinos mo…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    I remember first doing it more than a year ago with my Siren in PT1. Everything went fine till i hit round 5. To say it was absolute allround an ass kicking will be an understatement. It was brutal. 7 wayes of non stop enemies but also badass surveyors, super badass loaders & wait.... 3 constructors. Was really fun but only if you can hold your nerves. Not as difficult as Magic Slaughter but with a big badass sitting in the middle protected by 3 overhead turrets, at least 5 badass surveyors and a series of loaders, this was one of a kind wave. And if you failed to dispatch it in time, congrats a second normal constructor will make an appearance.

    Today i pulled off a stunning victory in a single sitting going from round 1 to 5 all guns blazi…

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  • Haloking7410

    to make it clear to everyone, most of what I said in my last blog was just grievances I had w the game I wanted to share w everyone. but there was things I truly was asking for in the pre-sequel. hopefully no one will get mad at me for this, its just when you cant chat w people on Xbox live what do you expect me to do. also I need help, I have been wanting a level 61 hellfire and there were some seraph weapons I wanted as well, and a slag avenger smg if any one would be willing to duplicate them when I get Xbox live and a new copy of borderlands 2 cause mine is scratched to hell. also acouple of things I really wanna see is missions from the BL2 vault hunters and to know what the new main enemy will be.

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  • Dr. Feelgood

    Anyone know if the lootsplosion glitch in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage has been patched yet? Or is it still present?

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Greetings Borderlands Community,

    Wikia is excited to announce our E3 2014 coverage. All week long, Wikia and several Wikia Stars will be representing you the fans at the most exciting video game show in the world. We want to include you every step of the way, starting with bringing your fan questions to the show along with us. What are you excited to see most at E3? If we get a chance to speak to the developers and publishers of your favorite games, what do you want us to ask them? We can't promise we will be able to ask all of your questions, but we will do our best to get you heard by the creators themselves. Let us know your questions in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you want to see most at this year's E3.

    During the …

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  • Haloking7410

    heres a list of things id like to see in the presequel:

    legendarys are easier to obtain, since there wont probably be as many bosses on the moon and because its frustrating to spend hours trying to get one gun, when in the past ive gotten random legendarys from loot chests and loot midgets even on pl1 in borderlands 1 and 2 if I was lucky

    if pearlescent weapons return, hopefully the majority of them wont suck

    seraph weapons like the seraphim and stinger to return

    the fall of new haven

    a reference to halo and or mass effect

    tone down the ai difficulty even on pl1, cause it was annoying when im down and they ran to cover or away from me to where I cant kill them like the cowards they are

    make it where no single manufacture or only 3 of the manufac…

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  • RJSnaiper

    Strange that Borderlands haven't Steam Workshop - modders yet itching hands to do something.

    This is my imagination - MOD "Playable Lilith"

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Hyperius: I am become death, shatterer of worlds.

    Maya: lol?

    Krieg: meat bicycle.

    I was kind of late to the party. Trying to beat Hyperius after the Immolate glitch fix is no easy task. I been playing Maya since almost 2yrs but most of the time i use her skill thoughtlock and beat the crap out of enemies in the meantime. Against Hyperius this becomes useless as neither him nor his minions are prone to phaselocking.

    As i said in an earlier post he was the first raid boss i tired with Maya and died within 15secs. Forming a strategy is easy, following it is an entirely different matter though. And having to fight throw through several dozen loaders just to fight that dude is... well kind of tiresome. So my initial strategy was to beat hyperius ti…

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  • OnceLurker

    This is a build for Gaige (obviously) that uses glitches to run through the game for fun.  This Requires DLC 1, and DLC 4 is great for the Grog Nozzle.  I'm going to call this the

    GOTY Build, for DLCs 1 and 4.  Also, UVH Pack 1.

    Glitches used: -1 shot and Buck Up


    -1 shot: This requires a Vladof Launcher and another gun.  Fire your launcher until you get your free shot.  When you do, switch to another gun, then back to your launcher.

    Swap once more, but while swapping, open your inventory and switch the two guns' slots.

    This is the weapon fusing/merging glitch.  The game thinks you are holding the launcher, which is  registered with -1 shot.

    Buck Up: Gaige has a skill called Buck Up (BFFs: at least lv 11.) where DT reovers her shield…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Beating a raid boss in first try is like a dream come true. Today afternoon i made my dream come true. I had fought Dexi before in normal mode with my Siren 2 times with once going against it right before i tried it in UVHM. The reason was to plan a strategy and kick out weak and nonsense ideas out. This is a 1vs1 battle so there is no room for error even though its fought in the open.

    What i discovered in normal mode: Dexi's corrosive orb attack can damage you inside the lodge. way inside the lodge. the orb has super massive radius to that of novas. And any direct hit means upto 50% damage in normal mode. In UVHM it'll be game over in a single hit so needed to find a safe place. loadge was out of question first try. First time i fought Dex…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Vorac is a bitch. Or Gay depending on his gender. Anyway another chapter closed with the death of Voracidous. Took me 20+ tries using all sort of strategies but finally it was good old Bloodsposion and a short slap to his ass to put him to sleep, for now.

    I begun my journey with FOTFH & grog as heath regen and using kitten & DPUH to offload on Vorac. Didn't work due to his health and his aggresive nature. The following were my extremely stupid strategies before i decided to simply bloodspode that asshole and save me some time.

    STRATEGY #1: norfleet him by raising the ammo cap to full clip. didn't work because i forgot to put points in Elemental Elation & Embrace the Pain so the ROF didn't go any high. also Vorac strongly resists slag so was …

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    First time tried Hyperius solo was with my Siren and died within 15 seconds. Not from his Nova but bullets being reflected from his shield. Had no idea how he fights so just went and died. A few months back after completing Scarlett's campaign with my psycho went to fight him and got him to 50% health but then his novas & rocket barrage from his minions took me out. A week ago it was Salvador's turn and he didn't lasted more than 5sec. It was because of me as i forgot to switch his shield. And last night it was Krieg again but the only difference being it was Hyperius who paid the price with his life. And his minions too.

    Hyperius is one of the most innovative Raid boss i have seen. Its about survival, damage & skill all combined in 1 singl…

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  • Wantoosevin

    game blog

    May 5, 2014 by Wantoosevin

    This is my guide to Borderlands on Linux. Unfortunately, Gearbox has decided not to port the Borderlands games to Linux (which would be trivial since it already uses openGL on the Mac port) but I am posting this work-around so that other Steam OS users can find it and enjoy ALL games on their Steam Machine.

    Borderlands can be played on Linux using WINE, a set of compatibility dll libraries which enable Windows-applications to run on Linux.

    This installation requires a valid, purchased Borderlands install disc (for Windows; the Mac version will not work). This is information on running Borderlands without Windows, NOT how to pirate the game.

    First, install WINE via the software manager. Alternately, you can do this in a shell:

    $ sudo apt-get i…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    A few months ago i ripped through the magic slaughter badass round in normal mode using my lv61 siren. Obviously there was no match considering the level difference. But even with 30 level below me they put up quite a tough fight by their standard. Fast forward to present, i did the same only this time this was my lv61 psycho against lv61 enemies. till round 5, it was absolute no contest. Harold + MM everything or SWORDSPLOSION if the target is out of range. In case the going gets tough, it was smash in the face till you die style. I only play as Hellborn Krieg but this was first time in almost a year i got first hand taste of Mania. It was absolute devastating. Most of the beating were taken by those Badass Archers with buzzaxe shoved up …

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  • RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to get you guys opinion on the infinity weapons in the game!

    Which kind is your favorite?

    Why do you think they are useful?

    Stuff like that, Thanks!

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  • Impracticalj756

    I Really need the wanderlust the godfinger and the barking storm pls help i will help you too if you do in any way i can.

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  • Impracticalj756

    I Really need the wanderlust the godthumb and the barking storm pls help i will help you too if you do in any way i can.

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  • RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys!

    Just had a few questions about the future in the series of Borderlands 2. I have been reading some articles that have said that there may be a reappearance of Handsome Jack. That is, if there is even another game in the Borderlands series. So the questions I have for you are:

    1)Do you think there will even be another game in the Borderlands series?

    2)If so, do you think there will be a return of Handsome Jack in the next game?

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  • RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys new to the wiki! Hope you enjoy new blog coming out soon! Just asking a few questions but I will do more research into the topic!

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  • Rengar, The Pridestalker

    Hey guys, i just started playing the game and i had spare funds on my PSN so i bought the Krieg Pack; he is really fun and really really crazy. Anyways can some of you guys please 'dupe' or whatever the interwebs call it a Legendary for me? Preferably a really good Fire Infinity (Always wanted one), this Bee thing, a Fire Conference Call or a Shreddifier if you have all it would be great if you can 'dupe' them for me :) Preferably the levels of the wepon to be Lvl 50 as thats the highes i can go :) anyways if you are kind enough to help me out please add my PSN: xMidnightSuicide. THANKS! 

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  • WarBlade

    Full Article Templates

    April 15, 2014 by WarBlade

    Now that we have new Borderlands upcoming release content to start thinking about, we will also have to consider updates to the templates on the . The first one on the list is the character infobox. This is the last of the infobox templates to be updated with automatically generated categories, and it was impractical to use categories like this because the template is occasionally used for fan fic characters in the User name space.

    So with new characters coming, old character articles needing repairs, and a varied mish mash of manually added categories to sort out, it seems appropriate to tackle the character infoboxes first.

    It'll be a little different this time though. I'm tinkering with a template that can cover an entire page rather than…

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  • Impracticalj756

    This is me ImpracticalJ756 i hunt legendary and pearlescent guns all the time go no use for some but keep storing them i do love fighting and learning for new ones, i am looking for two pearlescents to finish my collection but if anyone needs a special item ask me then friend me on ps3. Ask me through comments and if you happen to have pearlescent items then i would like to check to find two specific ones. Even if you dont have them i still will duplicate them to you. Nevermind any level weapons please be close to op 8

    Maliwan Pistol Wanderlust

    Jakobs Sniper Rifle Godfinger

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  • Impracticalj756

    Hello there people i need a lot of help on ps3 on fight the ancient dragons i got a siren level 51 and I'm not going to 61 or 72 if any is willing to help i could duplicate you weapons or your could do it with me so we could beat it, I really need the help if you got high leveled people possible 51 or 50 friend request me on ps3 name is ImpracticalJ756. Get back to me anyone as soon as you guys could help .

    Also anyone willing to help me every now and then I'll be in the echo chat thing to chat if you guys are willing to help. Read more >
  • Kaushiktalukdar

    In a previous post about Krieg i wrote how using hellborn skills in PT1 resulted in immediate death. Well i was wrong. Death comes to those who mess with the PSYCHOEXPRESSCALLEDKRIEG. specially when he is HOT. because his ass is on fire.

    If i remember correctly we were having a discussion about which tree one should focus on krieg during PT1 and most said bloodlust or mania. i voted for bloodlust to play safe and the admin, Andy Clark spoke my mind when he said "dying will become a habit". Yah thats true. But what if you go down hellborn during PT1? One of the foremost issue with Krieg is definitely no health regen. Only Elemental Empathy & RTB allows health regen but those either involve elemental guns or below 33% health gate. None of tho…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Truth to be told i am not too fond of E-tech guns other than those rocket launchers which shoot 3 huling ball of fire. I have at least 3 Slow Hand but never liked it. Also almost all the E-tech missions rewards i get are immediately thrown into the veds. I just can't take the slow projectile speed. But recently started a new playthrough of Krieg and at the very beginning got a Splasher Blashter and found myself addicted to it. Burned anything that came in my path. And that was it. My though about E-tech changed quite a bit but not much about dart & spiker. those were useless before and even now. Same for blaster rifles as i prefer a vladof elemental/torgue gun over those laser guns. railer too didn't impress me. But plasma caster were a di…

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  • Ghoststalker314

    Krieg Build

    March 7, 2014 by Ghoststalker314

    Hey I have a lvl 72 Mania/Hellborn psycho. I seem to be having trouble with robots and anything with fire resistance. I cant seem to get through the first digi arena. anyone have an suggestions. Ive tried to re-spec to bloodlust but it just doesnt cut it for me.

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  • FoREVerS3V7NF0LD

    Duping and trading

    February 17, 2014 by FoREVerS3V7NF0LD

    Message me on PSN @foREVerS3V7NF0LD if you wanna trade or dupe weapons, class mods etc...

    This wikia shit is too complicated xD.

    And I'm too freakin' lazy to get into it.

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  • Haloking7410

    Borderlands 2: the past meets future paradox

    Areas from the first borderlands return: /Arid badlands before hyperion /Eridian promontory /Dahl headland /New haven /Old haven /The area tannis’s dig site was located (where she was found in the first game’s main story line) /Mad moxxi’s underdome /Secret time machine lab of professor calmitous

    /Old pearlesents return but revised: /The serpins-returns as a bandit assault rifle /Tsunami-pearlescent maliwan smg returning from BL1 /Bessie-jakobs most powerful sniper rifle /Aries-returns as a revolver manufactured by either jakob’s or bandits

    /Returning legendary’s /Friendly fire-torgue shotgun /Blast hammer-vladof shotgun with extremely high fire rate and huge explosive damage /Orion-sniper now mad…

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  • DaGamingFailure

    Here is a level 72 Build for Krieg utilizing the Mania and Hellborn trees dominantly. This is a very fun build to play with alone or with friends (that get left behind in the ashes that you create). This build is focused on dealing MASSIVE melee damage and DOT to huge mobs of enemies. Here is the build; if you would like to copy it go right on ahead. For those who aren't too sure about this build just wait. And, well, read on.

    Mania Skill Tree

    1. Empty the Rage- Melee damage. nothing more to be said

    2. Feed the Meat- 2.5 seconds of no shield. Why would I want that? Health. Oh and read number 3.

    3. Embrace the Pain- I don't care for the fire rate at all. The 5 seconds without a shield is what i wanted. (Hint use Flame of the Firehawk)

    Note: Do n…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    The Raid Challenge

    February 6, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    Till now the only raid boss i have killed is Pete & Vermivorous. Maya can finish Pete in 2min & 3-4min with Krieg. Vermivorous was more of an hide and seek and takes upward of 15min (without using the 4P trick). I do have access to Terramorphous, Vorac & Dexi but from the comments its pretty much sure Vorac is an asshole, Dexi is kind of a God (health i mean) and Terra is basically an ass kicking machine. Yet to unlock Hyperius, Gee & the gang of dragons.

    I been absent from the BL2 scene for almost 2 month because of exam and resumed yesterday at a friend's place and the first thing i did was take Krieg to face Terra. The fight was pretty much straight forward which involved me run-n-gun using a Fire CC (not practicable, don't have it) and …

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  • Drunkyscarecrow23

    well first off my psn name is   Drunkyscarecrow2      and im just looking for someone to help me get a modded shield! nothing special just comment or send me a mesage on psn   

    BTW its for borderlands ONE dont have two yet

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  • Cybersteel8

    Hi guys,

    I've been going around on a bunch of pages for DLC-exclusive gear, and in their infobox it says "Borderlands 2" as the game, and not the DLC that you obtain the gear in. Should it be the DLC, or the game? I've changed SWORDSPLOSION!!!, Pimpernel and Stinger (Borderlands 2) as examples of what I mean.

    I also have a suggestion. "Game" could be the overarching game (ie. BL1 or BL2) and there be another entry called "DLC" which contains the entry for the specific DLC the game gear is available in.

    Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: gear. durp!

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  • Owenlm37


    January 21, 2014 by Owenlm37

    Favorite Vault Hunters: Sal, Krieg, Litlith.

    Favorite Gun: 

    • Mobbing
    • Farming
    • General  Knoxx Armory Looting.


    Borderlands 2 on PS3

    Borderlands GOTY on Mac

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  • Terrific Taff

    Wrong place, Grinder

    January 20, 2014 by Terrific Taff

    So this is my first shot at attempting anything blog based, I am an avid grinder on the game the bosses get an absolute beating each time I reach the end/level cap.

    Today for instance I had an extreme bout of luck whilst fighting the 'Handsome Sorcerer' I managed to get the Shield 'Impaler' orange drop, as well as the 'Bearcat' Pearlescent weapon in one kill. While I was waiting for my fiancée to finish work, I fought the handsome Sorcerer 5 times and 4/5 kills got a rare weapon. (4 orange weapons and one pearlescent).

    I personally think my luck on this game could be better whereas my looting group thinks differently, they compare things to they're experience of gaming on borderlands 2. They have amassed a maximum of 4-5 orange rarity weapon…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    The thin red line

    January 12, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    I used to play COD and bunch of other FPS games before i switched to BL. When i started BL (1) the health bar came as a kind of new thing to me despite playing a lot of games that have health bar. The reason was simple, most recent games switch to splash based health. When you take damage the screen turns red and after a few moment fades away. This also makes the game slightly easy because you can jump out of cover, shoot and then duck back when taking damage and repeat the same thing once you are healed. Same can't be done in BL because the health doesn't regenerate on its own (ok it can be done with skills, class mod, etc). There is the shield to solve this problem but this rarely helps in BL because unlike other FPS games where you can …

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  • Benfrombuffalo

    I noticed some of the article for the head hunter dlcs are sort of lacking or not there. Who on the board would be willing to help me make them better? I want to work on the Hallow's Hollow page as well as make pages for certain enemies like Pumplings and Nippers.

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Krieg - Part III

    January 10, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    "wheres my AR. i want to light the world on fire" was the reaction after... well i got the kitten AR.

    BL2 has been a harsh journey for Krieg. During PT1, most of his skill outright kill him. PT2 it wasn't much different. One can blame me for being late to find the wiki but hey, at least i found it on my own. PT3 is fun but i will associate the word challenging with it. UVHM is difficult and i may write another post on all these playthrough sometime in the future. 4X health increase can turn some fun funky enemies into a ass kicker (eg: crystalisks, constructor) but hey after all its UVHM so there must be some feeling of being challenged else it can be named "enhanced TVHM" just like those mobile revisions/updates.

    In TVHM just like Maya i de…

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  • Linuxma

    test tes

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Krieg - Part II

    January 6, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    "Wheres my AR. I want to kill myself because i tried killing the guy who designed this Vault Hunter" was the reaction after i was halfway though the game in Playthrough II.

    Soon after i started PT2 with Krieg i came to know of this wiki and helped me greatly. PT2 was still a difficult journey for Krieg but with lot of fun elements. Having studied his skills in details i was able to make a game plan but the best part was, i got a better (was using a lv20 leg) Legendary Psycho class mod early on. This further enhanced the damage and now with a good lot of skills unlocked i was able to boost 6 skills simultaneously unlike PT1 where i was mainly focussed on bloodlust tree despite having a legendary mod.

    This time around i also know which and the…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Maya - Thoughtlock

    January 6, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    I don't know why but most of the players doesn't seem to use this particular skill. I first tried this skill in the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter in PT1 after completing the main story and was simply amazed. Pure BA. But as soon as i started TVHM, removed that skill as i was afraid i'll become too much dependent on that skil and make combat difficult once i hit UVHM. I was right. TVHM was difficult and died a few times but mostly because i was not using phaselock efficiently.

    Once in UVHM, thoughlock was back on. Yah the added 3sec cooldown delay was there and i could actually feel phaselock cooldown taking that slight bit longer but once coupled with ruin, converge, sub sequence the end result was pure devastation. 1 thoughtlock can take ou…

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  • Kaushiktalukdar

    Krieg - Part I

    January 5, 2014 by Kaushiktalukdar

    Let me first tell you I am just an average B2 player. Not one of those raid boss killers.

    "Wheres my AR. I want to kill the guy who designed this idiot" was the first impression after playing as Krieg for a couple of hours. Its not like something went wrong. For me the decision to get this guy felt wrong. So how all this started? Lets talk.

    So got the Krieg DLC soon after it was released. Watched the trailers and was really surprised at how he butchered the crap out of those rats. Started the game and reached lv5 in no time and then i hit the first wall, head first.

    "Buzzaxe cooldown - 120sec". Excuse me !!! 120sec cooldown? GBX are you out of your freaking mind? 2min cooldown for action skill? what nonsense is this? Then i started checking t…

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  • TheNexes

    that "unamed man" you see in the trailer of tales of borderlands might have something to do with gaige they both that robot arm maybe its her father or brother

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  • Vlad The Implier

    I've been trying to find the skins in The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler since it came out, and I've been finding it exceedingly difficult. Does anyone know where I might find them?

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  • Belial222


    December 17, 2013 by Belial222


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  • Chuckmoney

    UPDATE 2: Screw it.  I'm signing out of my wikia account forever and it'll be deleted for inactivity whenever.  I make good, fair edits and this is what happens.  Anyone can read a wiki logged out, so forget it, I'm out.  Wikia's loss.  I'll just advise that nobody else create a wikia account unless you have a 100% like mind with the wiki's mods else it's going to become a total life suck trying to share knowledge with people.  Maybe just grab a box and a megaphone and hope people can hear you?  At least then you could get some word out.  A little.  Chuckmoney (talk) 02:57, December 24, 2013 (UTC) I've posted many edits to the article for the Storm, a Pearlescent Maliwan Sniper RIfle, here on the wiki.  As with many of my other edits on ce…

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  • I Dominions I

    Looking for some players to join me on the quest through UVHM.  I'm a level 55 Zero (over farmed and now my weapons don't hold up to the enemies in UVHM) Been rolling solo for a looong time and just want to get a solid team of players an start doings some co-op.  I'm always down for farming, sharing the loot fairly, and am a team player.  XBox 360 Gamertag: I Dominions I    Message me anytime.  I have some legendaries to throw around (several level 48 Bee's and a mish mash of other things) Can farm BNK3R for the Sham/Bitch, Terramorphous for the HIde/Blood/Breathe of Terramorphous, etc.  I need to get a sandhawk at around level 55, a Lyuda, Mongol, Redundant Fibber, Unkempt Harold (guns that still work well with the Bee) We can farm to get…

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  • Vaulthuntermordecai4

    HEY GUYS,all you guys know who like borderlands 1and 2 that borderlands 3 is comeing for the xbox one and ps4 next year (2014) its going to be like the walking dead game you have to buy the story its going to be awesome but what is it about? you know the girl who talks to you and ( spoiler) who was warking with handsome jack,i think handsome jack is going to be like her and that thay are working for him but dont know what he has done then thay go out to kill the new him. i dont know much but it looks awesome!!! bye and see ya:)

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