• Beast of burden

    Hay people this idea is of a new weapons manufacturing companey for borderlands 3 (just an idea) so the overall thiem is australian hunter. the weapons will have powerfull short to mid range (shot gun, pistal, assoult rifle)(snipers are exception) and no rocket launchers also these weapons give a 100% critical hit chance but only to creatures (not human< robot or mutant apponents) so say regular damage to a psycho but devestating damage to a bullymong.

    what u think??

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  • Beast of burden

    hay folks just thought ide pop it out there if u havent hear team head kicks borderlands 2 rap  should its awsom and the lyrics are thought through nicly with a sick chorus (my oppinon those who dont agree dont hate).

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  • Beast of burden

    i would like to say i think that krieg is awsom and an amazing charecter hes just so so PSYCHOTIC LOL if u love krieg then let me know wright the following word in the same manner to show ur love MEAT BYCICLE!

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  • Beast of burden

    so in this DLC idea MAYA'S MYSTIC PEAKE TOP MONK MADNESS the order of the inpending storm have shown up on pandora to forcfuly capture maya and use the same coller handsome jack had to MAKE her serve there couse so thay can regane controle over athena but decide to take over pandora insted and built a large temple on pandoras highest peake fight ur way through monks (YES MONKS LOL) to reach maya and free her from there controle.

    Monk Warrior- warrior monks armed with a powerful staff who are the basic infentry of the order of the impending storm.

    Monk Sharman- sharman monks can create a sheild that reflects bullets around themselves and any monk in the shelf are protected as well.

    Mystic Monk- monk warriors who can clouk themselves to turn in…

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  • Beast of burden

    Ellie hosts a family reunion for here closest most beloved family members thats MOXXI (her mum), SCOOTER (her brother), and her other siblings she has like 3 others (a sister that scooters named after(idea)scootetra-just call her scoot) and maby a few nicer cousins and aunts and uncles who abandened the hodunks.(for the sake of this idea some hodunks survived the finel fight with the zafords) then at the carnivel that ellies hosting the reunion at the hodunks decide to crash it so u (a geust invited by ellie) have to kick out those no good inbread red kneck ass h****.

    Hodunk Grunt- basic hodunk infentry armed mostly with pistals, SMGs and assoult rifles.

    Hodunk Brute- strong hodunk brutes who are armed with 2 assoult rifles.

    Hodunk Enforcer- …

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  • Beast of burden

    so an idea is that gaige host a giant robot fighting ring and contestents use robots to fight in the arena but some of the robots dont like obbaying orders and get too smart attacking humans can u save gaiges arena and stop the evil DEATH TRAP MK II fight monsterous robots in a up to 7 types of arenas and stop the rouge robots from destroying the tornament and pandora think terminater meats robot wars (brilliant series).

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  • Beast of burden

    so i was thinking scooter could houst a combat raceing tornament to promote Catch-A-Ride so there would be many car based tornament maches so races where u can kill ur apponents on the track, vechil combat arenas ooo and maby u could do timed races and also have to collect certen items before ur apponents. there could be different teams as well such as team voult hunters (ur team with all ur allies), team bloodshot, team ripper, team hodunk (hperpheticly i like the idea that some hodunks/zafords survived the final battle), team zaford, team sawtooth, team slab, team firehawk(the children of the fire hawk) and the winning team gets a butt loude of loot as reward!!!!

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  • Beast of burden

    hayyyyyy this idea was thought up only becouse 4DLCs have bean made and we still havent BLOWN UP THAT GOD DAMNED MOON BASS so i propose thay make a DLC where u go to the moon bass fight through hords of hyperion personel and maby a few slag experiments i mean insane mutants breaking out of there cells and attacking every one in sight would be AWSOME like humanoid freaks with slag powers and like six tentacles protruding from there back. and  i think Mr.Blake that dude from claptraps new robot revolution might want to take over hyperion and make a deal with ya u blow up the moon bass he gets to take over hyperion and u get like 3 minuts to raid the moon basses armorey before u gotta take the escape pod and get the F**** OUTTA THERE!!!!! i w…

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  • Beast of burden

    ok so in the idea that angel returns (hyperthetical just wishful thinking) i would like that thay take her on a vacation to try and forget her past so thay go to a cluster of islands called the hope islands an abandoned holiday resort that now crawing with crazed islanders who sacrafice a pure woman to the volcano every purple moonand geuss who thay picked this time??? also there could be some pandoran twist totropical island wild life.

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  • Beast of burden

    Bring back Angel

    August 24, 2013 by Beast of burden

    hay IDK about u guys but i want angel back it wount be borderlands without her if thay make BL3 so i say she gets brought back via NEW-U and whent in hideing but then contacts the new voult hunters what u say.

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  • Beast of burden

    so roland has left a will for his freinds so thay may get what thay want from his secrect stash hidden on pandora but he has left many echos holdeing clues that u must follow but ur not the only one interested in finding rolands stash nandits and crimson lance remnants lead by an old rival of roland is after the stash too.

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  • Beast of burden

    so this DLC idea is PATRICIA TANNICE and HER ARCHELOGICAL ERIADIAN EXPEDITION so u escort patricia tannice to a dhal archelogical dig site where u find a larg eridian ruin full of "eridan bio-weapons" like the warrior bt normal creatre size that u kinda wake up and u have to fight them along with gaurdians and dont forget the dhal work force (mostly enslaved bandits) who also oun rakk hives that have drills attached to there backs. at the end u discover an eridain weapons armorey.

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  • Beast of burden

    so this DLC idea is KRIEG'S PSYCHO BUZZ SAW MEAT BYCICLE ADVENTURE! so krieg starts to go off the rails and becomes exesivly more violant even to his freinds so tannice makes a device that lets u go into kriegs mind and find out whats going on here u meat kriegs inner voice and u get to find out about his past through repressed memoreys by finding figmented beings like the keaper of repressed memoreys, the master of inner demons, guilt and the dream shepard and u get to fight insane creatures that are destroying kriegs mind like midgit ktriegs rideing meat bycicles, tentacles of madness that are entagaling kriegs psych, humanoid monstronitys with six ares eatch ending with buzz swas (flesh strippers) and u come face to face with the entity…

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  • Beast of burden

    so the setting for this DLC is the trash wastes like a giant junk yard wasteland now crazy earl hires the voult hunters to help find a legendary lost mineing ship once ouned by atlas called the A.R.K that crashed in the trash wastes and was lost but is beleaved to be full of weapons, cash, eridum...ect so basicly s*** louds of loot and the best part is crazy earl dont want non of it he wants something else turns out its full of unrefined eridum ore thats what he want so u have to fight prospecters and some of them ride pet rakk hives, trash worms think worm creatures bigger then terramortheus and smaller then the leviathen, and also trash bots (robots made of junk) it could be pretty fun.

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  • Beast of burden

    hayyyyyyyyy so i had this idea (out of many lol) for a borderlands DLC THE SLAB KINGS BANDIT WAR BEAT DOWN so basicly Brick (the slab king) has gotten into a war with this powerful bandit lord far to the north of pandora like in a frozen wasteland enviroment (ice element?????? i know im not alone with that idea) and the bandit lord lives in like a massive factory where all the BANDIT WEAPONS are manufactured and u have to help Brick kick this assholes head in basicly like full on bandit war with u leading the slabs into battle as bricks general and theres buzzards, midgets, armoured skags and maby even bandits on steroids lol and then after defeating the bandit lord u can raide the factorys for its weapons and even go into the bandit lords…

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  • Beast of burden

    hello people iam a reacuring visater to many wikis reading what many people have to say and i felt that i had to say something myself this is my very fist wiki blog so hope its ok (sorry for spelling and grammer mistakes im diseksic) i created this blog because im intersted in the wild life of pandora and i wonder what might appear in borderlands 3 (and im kinda sad that i cant find ANYONE who has made a blog for this yet so thought i would) and have come up with my oune creatres that i beleive could maby work in the borderlands world (P.S i hate the idea of leaveing pandora to go to another planet pandora is borderlands it wouldent feel right P.S.S NO MAKEING BL A F****** MMO just saying it would KILL BL). also this is just for fun.

    A spec…

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  • Sh!ft

    Editing BL2 - August Update

    August 23, 2013 by Sh!ft

    First, I'm not dead. This is a complete dump of the GNames table from BL2 as of today. I have completed my C90 edition of my Unreal Internals Engine. It's written entirely in C and follows the ISO standard rather than the ANSI standard so people on a MAC or LINUX box can also use it. It is written as a library that gets attached and started from another process; this way, its internal functions can just use assembly such as "mov" to read/modify data.

    The engine abuses the hell out of the C Macro Preprocessor; in this way, it's primary structs can be changed via a macro that replicates globally. For example, the dump you see above was produced via an alternate header acting on UE3Structures.h. If instead I imp…

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  • Light Buster

     This tree is all about maximizing damage with the use of the  Legendary Soldier class mod, a key strong point with Axton. While most characters in Borderlands 2 get benefits from their action skills, dangerous situations, etc., Axton can deal large and consistant damage to his enemies, without the need to be in a certain situation to provide the bonuses. (Example: While Maya can deal 40% more damage to her enemies via her Reaper skill, her enemies must have 50% or more of their heal remaining to use this skill and damage will drop off once an enemy's health passes 50%.) Axton can also improve his average lifespan through the use of his Guerilla and Survival tree should the need to survive rises.

    • Deals large (and consistant) damage to his e…

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  • Leafless

    Old pictures

    August 4, 2013 by Leafless
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  • Bereisgreat

    Location images

    July 30, 2013 by Bereisgreat

    So as many community members have advised me to do regarding my issue with the location article images, I am making this blog to suggest a change and improvement. I'm going to keep it very simple, I was dissatisfied about the quality of the infobox images that were being used for the Borderlands locations, this being either a map or a crappy screenshot. I am happy to learn that KillarDeez is at least putting some effort in making some good quality maps, but I am still not fully on board of this way of showing the area, I think that the loading screens, the ones that show the area the best imo, are a necessity on location articles and in the infobox.

    But it seems that the map images are here to stay, so I'm suggesting a different approach, a…

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  • AntonGUN

    Hi guys

    July 28, 2013 by AntonGUN

    Hello to all, i from ruWikia Borderlands 2.

    My knowledge of english is not at a very high level, and so I want to play with foreign players.

    I play on PS3, nik PSN    FunnyAtr03.


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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    is it time to wait for the all inclusive gold/diamond/goty edition? with the release of dlc4 and subsequent announcement of more dlc coupled with the content void diamond plate box i have lost my interest in incrementally purchasing this game. the (soon forgotten) laments of gbx devs that "new levels will break the game" have been replaced w/ hype for level 72 upgrade (assumed $5). so i cannot rely on gbx for info. the excitement of season pass went kinda smooth after the short playtime of the dlcs. once i gave them my money they seemed content to farm out the actual (DownLoadable) Content.

    alas, i can wait. i waited for the summer steam sale to buy (any) cosmetic packs. i think i can wait for gbx to "top it off."

    what do you think of…

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  • Pseudobread

    As mentioned in the previous post, we've sent your questions to Borderlands 2's Sound Designer, Raison Varner, and here are his answers! Thanks to everyone who participated, and make sure to check out Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep if you haven't already!

    Did you use a live orchestra for parts of the soundtrack (particularly DLC4)? If so, what was their reaction to working on music composed for a video game?

    RV: We did not use any live orchestral elements for DLC 4 or the main game. However, sample libraries are always getting better and richer in content, so it is getting easier to sound closer to a live orchestra as time goes on. However, during the main game and some DLCs, Jesper Kyd, Cris Velasco and Kevin Reipl all recorded solo mus…

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  • Vaulthuntermordecai4

    ok i love this game and the guns who here like or loves the game i do. oh and who do you play wtih i play as zero.

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  • Louis Bancroft

    Hello, fellow users! I've recently created a new wiki for Elysium, and I'd love it if some of you could come and assist me with setting it up and making it flourish. Thanks for your help!  Wiki Link:

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  • Iceheart anarchy125

    Anyone else have a copy of Borderlands 1 with just the first two DlC's for the longest time, while playing one character long enough to get over 10 million xp? I played one character solo for about 200 hours, accumulated 30,000,860 xp before downloading the GotY edition DlC packs, and recieved the level cap increase. The first time I loaded the game after downloading them, my game slowed after the blue tunnel spawn effect sequence and seemed to go into ffyl while leveling up, althogh after the nineteenth level up sound my solider was simply standing there as if nothing had happened, albeit with 19 skill points to spend. When I opened my inventory, i noticed that the first item was a dark orange weapon dubbed the "Stock Repeater Pistol". I …

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  • Pseudobread

    UPDATE: The answers are in! Check them out over here!

    Hey Borderlands fans!

    We recently talked with 2K and they were interested in seeing if the Borderlands Wikia community had any questions for Raison Varner, the Sound Designer on Borderlands 2's latest DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. We're trying to keep the questions focused on the game's sound design, but Mr. Varner would be happy to answer any questions in that vein you can cook up.

    Post your music and sound design related questions in the comments below, but make sure to get them in before the Thursday, July 11th deadline!

    We'll post the answers in a separate blog and link to it here once we've got the answers. In the meantime, check out some of Mr. Varner's work below!

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  • Alk'r Guardian
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  • Effen

    moding for ps3 help

    July 1, 2013 by Effen

    so i am trying to mod bl2 for my ps3 and i know how to use gibbed and everything but i cant save my characters from the consol to a usb is there another way to get my charaters to my pc and back

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  • Nyanic

    Thank you guys!

    June 29, 2013 by Nyanic




    Okay, I'll stop laughing. But I am glad to say, I GOT MY POWER TO SPEAK AGAIN! Yay! I did not see the blog post or the message that shown some content of my Un-Ban, But thanks guys!

    I assure you, I shall not clog up, spam, or just plain destroy your chats! I swear my life on it, That was a good dicision! Thank you thank you thank you.

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  • Hot Garbage

    Dragon Keep DLC

    June 26, 2013 by Hot Garbage

    Just started playing the new DLC "Assult on Dragon Keep" today. Got on a good roll until my Friend and Myseld hit the Orc tribe guarding the blood fruit. We took our time and killed the Duke of Ork or whatever it is and finally made it to the back part with the Blood Fruit Trees. Once again we go through this HUGE battle widdling down these trees and BAMMM!!!! the Trees only drop 2 out of the 3 fruit needed to proceed and then all the enemies behind us Respawn and HUGE battle for NOTHING... Anyone else have a problem like this with the new DLC? 

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  • Pseudobread

    While Borderlands 2 is all about the guns, there's bodies behind those guns, and they matter dang it! Familiarize yourself with the main playable characters of Borderlands 2 to add a little pathos to your pewpew as you traverse the dangerous world of Pandora!

    Maya Zer0 Axton

    Maya is a Siren who was worshipped on the planet Athenas (her planet of origin) as a goddess, before learning that the monks that had raised her were exploiting her in order to rule the people of Athenas. After escaping she arrived at Pandora to learn about her heritage as a Siren and to melt any who oppose her.

    Maya's skill is Phaselock, which allows her to lock an enemy in another dimension for a short period of time. It can be upgraded to do damage, but is primarily …

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  • Pegastacus

    Hello comunity,

    I'm developing an application for android that let you explore and edit the individual maps of each area in Borderlands 2.

    I would ask for some help on this wiki to collect maps of all areas, including also the DLC's.

    I have seen the maps of Three Horns - Divide and Santuary and are great, Where did you get that?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Louis Bancroft

    Although I supposedly can't post it on an actual page [because of the caution with pre-release information and what not], I figured I'd post some new photos for those who haven't seen them. And I'll keep them in my stash until the DLC is released so we can get some level-related specifics.But otherwise, enjoy!!! [You're welcome.]

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  • Louis Bancroft

    I encountered this pattern today. Anyone else notice it?



    Color scheme






    Dark red








    Cubic Zerconia

    White and black



    Wooden with orange metal



    Dark grey, dark blue, and sky blue

    It appears as though DLC4 uses a color-coding system to identify weapons with their respective companies and prefixes.

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  • InfinitePistal

    Krieg Class Mods

    June 17, 2013 by InfinitePistal

    We feel for Krieg, the recently introduced sixth vault hunter in Borderlands 2. His calm inner voice fights to be heard, while his psychotic outer voice screams things like "I'm the conductor of the poop train!" Everone loves the Krieg because of that though, plus the fact that if built right the are the best melee characters in the game. A big thing that really gets people hyped is the fact that the Krieg is a very very epic character when using any of his class mods. One of the best class mods to use with the Krieg is of course the best class mod in the game his Legendary Psycho Class Mod.


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  • Dr. Feelgood

    Interesting glitch

    June 15, 2013 by Dr. Feelgood

    So, uh, I encountered quite an interesting glitch today with Zero. I shot the BNK-3R with a sniper rifle 1 time at one of it's critical hit points and it's health went all the way down to one. It immediately flew to the position it is scripted to die in and with one shot I killed it. Elapsed time fighting the BNK-3R: about 45 seconds. Has this happened to anyone else before?

    Dr. Feelgood (talk) 22:53, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Hot Garbage

    XBL sessions

    June 15, 2013 by Hot Garbage

    My friends and i play pretty frequently still so if you are looking for some friends to loot, shoot and laugh with join up. I don't friend random people so hit me up with a message on XBL saying "borderlands". My tag: My Evil Heights

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  • Leafless

    I tested this build in all 3 PTs and am very satisfied with the results. It focuses on using the special properties of certain pieces of equipment and amplifying them with Krieg's skills.

    • Blood-Filled Guns [5/5]: Elemental Status Effects will continuosly give you stacks and so increase the amount of ammo you have in one magazine.

    • Feed the Meat [5/5]: With a higher amount of health you can survive longer.
    • Embrace the Pain [5/5]: The increased Rate of Fire is nice, but the increased Shield Recharge Delay is the actual reason for putting points in this skill.

    • Burn, Baby, Burn [5/5]: The foundation of this skilltree and very handy for increasing the Burn-damage.
    • Fuel the Fire [4/5]: To increase the chance of setting yourself on fire.
    • Numbed Nerves […

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  • Sakuretsu115

    ATTENTION: The update from October 29, 2015 has completely broken this. Do NOT update if you still intend to utilize this method for spawning Vermivorous, farming bosses or just generally making the game more challenging.

    Hello, all you wonderful people! Today I will be detailing how to spawn this elusive bugger (that's a pun, you see [thank you, Sir Hammerlock]) known as Vermivorous the Invincible - by yourself. Now, as you all may know, it is rather difficult to spawn Vermivorous without a full party - and even then it's fairly rare with 4 players. However, it IS possible to spawn and even defeat this little guy (that's an understatement) all by your lonesome.

    Before I go on, I would like to state the fact that this is my first blog... any…

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  • InfinitysCross

    Icon Name Description Points Obtained? Date
    First One's Free Completed the mission "My First Gun " 10 Yes 9/18/12
    Dragon Slayer Completed the mission "Best Minion Ever " 20 Yes 9/19/12
    A Road Less Traveled Completed the mission "The Road To Sanctuary" 20 Yes 9/19/12
    New In Town Completed the mission "Plan B" 20 Yes 9/19/12
    An Old Flame Completed the mission Hunting the Firehawk 20 Yes 9/21/12
    No Man Left Behind Completed the mission "A Dam Fine Rescue" 20 Yes 9/21/12
    Wilhelm Screamed Completed the mission "A Train To Catch" 20 Yes 9/22/12
    Sky's The Limit Completed the mission "Rising Action" 20 Yes 9/22/12
    Can See My House From Here Completed the mission "Bright Lights, Flying City" 20 Yes 9/22/12
    Farewell, Old Girl Completed the mission "Wildlife …

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  • Klerik

    Well, this being my first blog post, I felt that I should write about what Borderlands means to me. That is not the abstract idea itself of a "borderlands" but rather my experiences with the first and second games and what is important to me within them. So, when the first game's trailer was released I noticed several things. First was the emphasis on "loot" and it's variety. Second was the promise of an rpg experience, something which I desperately craved, due to modern gaming's complete scorn of the genre as a whole.

    When the game finally arrived I have to admit I was hooked. I played Mordecai as a sniper, a class a naturally gravitated to. I enjoyed the game for itself, although it had numerous flaws. Oddly enough, my chief complaint at …

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  • MadCrayolaz
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  • Louis Bancroft

    Good morning, you all. I have recently started my Xbox playthrough of BL2, and I am currently accepting requests or partner-ups. In other words, if you would like to join, please send a PM or friend request to the gamertag of Jetfire606. That's all.


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  • Sh!ft

    Editing BL2

    May 31, 2013 by Sh!ft

    There's a severe lack of documentation on modding Borderlands 2. I find this to be a shame with the lively modding community Borderlands originally had. So, why not sponsor change? Do your part, sign up today!

    Borderlands 2 packs with an obscure compression algorithm known as Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer (LZO) . This lossless compression algorithm is renound for its speed. The game itself is based loosely on Unreal Engine 3. The Unreal Engine is just a collection of modern rendering techniques and design tools for primarily industrial use. That being said, the engine itself, and Unreal Script, is a dynamically typed language that compiles into a "cooked" distribution. That distribution is a packaging of game resources in a manner made for that plat…

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  • Leafless

    Absolute Rage

    May 25, 2013 by Leafless

    I tested this build in all 3 PTs and am very satisfied with the results. It focuses on the boosting of Krieg's melee damage and his Buzz Axe Rampage.

    • Blood-Filled Guns [5/5]: It isn't really important which 1st tier skill you choose.
    • Taste of Blood [5/5]: Gain stacks extremely fast and boost your defense to survive even longer.
    • Buzz Axe Bombardier [1/1]: To kill the enemies, which are too hard to melee efficently.
    • Fuel the Blood [5/5]: The melee attacks during the rampage trigger it, the stacks from this skill and Taste
    • Boiling Blood [5/5]: It triggers each time you earn a stack, so it helps to keep them high during combat.
    • Nervous Blood [4/5]: After leaving rampage this skill is useful to swiftly reload your slag weapon.
    • Bloodsplosion [1/1]: Becau…

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  • Louis Bancroft

    Me and my friends are doing a campaign speedrun of the game next Wednesday, and I promised most of them that I'd find some low-level Maliwan disc SMGs, mostly the Hellfire. I know it's randomized, but does anyone now where I could find any low-level disc SMGs?

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  • NyronGT

    Krieg likes his axe very much, therefore his skills maximise this feature with addition of fire.

    Blood Filled Guns[1/5]: Lust will run through his veins

    Empty The Rage[3/5]: His power is beyond measure...

    Feed The Meat[5/5]: and it won't be taken easily

    Fuel The Rampage[5/5]: his anger shall be unleashed

    Light The Fuse[1/1]: Even when downed, he stands untouched

    Thrill Of The Kill[5/5]: Their last feeling is like a bandage

    Salt The Wound[5/5]: When stripping is not enough

    Redeem The Soul[1/1]:

    Release The Beast[1/1]: Ultimate pain is coming!

    Burn Baby, Burn[3/5]: Fire!

    Fuel The Fire[3/5]: More Fire!

    Numbed Nerves[5/5]: Fire is his shield

    Pain is Power[2/5]: They will suffer for longer

    Elemental elation[3/5]:Shoot bullets for longer

    Delusional Damage[1/1]…

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  • PRINGocalypz

    Borderlands 3, the player should be able to play as the same characters from the previous first two Borderlands (Berserker, Siren, Soldier, Hunter, Assassin, Gunzerker, Siren, Commando, Mecromancer, & the Pysco). New characrters for this game should include an Archer who specializes in accuracy at long distances and using bows & arrows, a character who disgues themselves as an enemy and be undected by them until their action skill time is up. I don't know any other characters to think of but to put Duke Nukem in this game as playable BADASS character (which a DLC). Either way, Duke should definetly be a playable character and heres how he would play out in borderlands:

    The story of Duke's Borderlands 3 DLC adventure would start off on the p…

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  • Leafless

    I tested this build already in PT 1 and 2 and was very satisfied. It focuses on using Krieg's Action Skill frequently and boosting its usefulness as much as possible.

    • Blood-Filled Gun [3/5]: (It is a stepping stone...One which can boosted with a certain class mod.)
    • Blood Twitch [2/5]: (Another stepping stone...)
    • Taste of Blood [5/5]: They think they can hurt me! Me!? Maybe they really think they can....I make a bulletproof vest out of their bones and skin!
    • Buzz Axe Bombardier [1/1]: They got cocky! Avoiding my axe with minimal effort! Now they need a lot of effort to avoid it! (He means that the blast radius makes it harder for him to miss something). SHUT UP!

    • Burn, Baby, Burn [5/5]: I burn! It isn't worse than a sunburn. Why won't these pussie…

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