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Blood Bath is a tier 3 skill in Krieg's Bloodlust skill tree. For each point invested in this skill Krieg will receive +0.5% weapon damage per Bloodlust-stack for a short while after killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion and gives a greater chance that an enemy killed this way drops grenade ammo.


  • Weapon Damage per stack: +0.5% per level
  • Grenade ammo Dropchance: +15% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Weapon Damage
per stack
+0.5% +1.0% +1.5% +2.0%+2.5%
Grenade ammo Dropchance
+15% +30% +45% +60%+75%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
Weapon Damage
per stack
+3.0% +3.5% +4.0% +4.5% +5.0%+5.5%
Grenade ammo Dropchance
+90% +105% +120% +135% +150%+165%

Can only leveled past 5 with a Blister and Legendary Reaper class mod.


  • Blood Bath can also be activated by killing an enemy with E-tech shotguns, Tediore reloads, small-scale explosions such as those from the Dart or Spiker, and the initial explosion from a Nova Shield.
    • The Avenger's reload can activate this skill even if a bullet gets the kill.
  • The effect also applies to Light the Fuse.
  • The skill is also activated by killing an enemy with Buzz Axe Bombardier.
  • Enemies killed with the Bloodsplosion nova effect will also apply this effect.
  • Grenade strategies can be implemented with this skill using the increased drop rate effect.

Krieg Skills
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