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Bloodshed is Zer0's third skill tree, of three. The Bloodshed tree focuses on melee attacks. His other skill trees are Cunning and Sniping.



Bloodshed Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Killing Bl0w - Increases Melee Damage against enemies with low health.
  • Ir0n Hand - Increases Melee Damage and Maximum Health.

Tier 2

  • Grim - Regenerates shields and decreases Deception cooldown after killing an enemy.
  • Be Like Water - Shooting an enemy increases Melee Damage, dealing melee damage increases Gun Damage.

Tier 3

  • F0ll0wthr0ugh - Killing an enemy increases Movement Speed, Gun and Melee Damage.
  • Execute - Zero can quickly dash forward when meleeing in the direction of an enemy while Deception is active.
  • Backstab - Increases melee damage when hitting an enemy from behind.

Tier 4

  • Resurgence - Killing an enemy with a melee attack restores health.

Tier 5

Tier 6

  • Many Must Fall "Call no man happy until he is dead. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy." - Killing an enemy with a Melee attack during Deception deploys an additional holographic decoy and extends the duration of Deception.

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