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Bloody Revival is a tier 2 skill in Krieg's Bloodlust skill tree. Assault rifle damage is increased during Fight for your Life for Krieg for each stack of Bloodlust he has accumulated (maximum of 100 stacks).


Assault rifle damage is increased during Fight for your Life by 0.3% per Bloodlust Stack for each point invested.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Assault Rifle Damage Per Bloodlust Stack +0.3%+0.6%+0.9%+1.2%+1.5%

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.


  • Investing a point in Krieg's skill Light the Fuse will cause this skill to lose all of its benefits.
  • With 5 points invested, assault rifles gain up to 150 percent increase, allowing a much easier time getting a second wind.
  • Vladov miniguns make exceptional use of Bloody Revival, allowing Krieg to fire countless bullets and keeping his Bloodlust stacks full.
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