The skill, "Blue Shell", Is a Tier 2 skill in the, "Fragmented Fragtrap" skill tree, for the Fragtrap Character Class. Putting a skill point into this skill increases Gun Damage, Fire Rate, and Reload Speed while in Fight For Your Life mode. It also increases the duration of Fight For Your Life mode. For every skill point put into this skill, while in Fight For Your Life mode, Gun Damage increases by 7%, Fire Rate increases by 7%, and Reload Speed increases by 7%. Fight For Your Life duration also increases by 7% for each skill point. Up to 5 skill points can be put into this skill.

Class Mods that increase the effectiveness of this skill:


  • This skill, when combined with Best Buds 4 Life, can allow for the second longest duration of Fight For Your Life in the Borderlands series.
  • The large amount of buffs received have the potential to synergize with Kick Him While He's Down  to draw the attention of enemies towards you, with the addition of the extra "Fight For Your Life Time" received from both Blue Shell and Best Buds 4 Life.
  • The ability to draw agro from enemies may be disrupted if Athena has Prepare For Glory  active.

Claptrap Skills
Boomtrap I Love You Guys! Fragmented Fragtrap

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