Board Jumper is a challenge in Motherlessboard worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter must travel from Memory Bank 4 to the Data Splitter taking a somewhat circuitous route.


Bltps claptastic challenge board jumper

This challenge is easy to accomplish but very non-obvious.

  1. Start by entering Motherlessboard from Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K, so the Vault Hunter starts at Memory Bank 4.
  2. Take the orange Data Stream which ordinarily goes all the way to The Confluence.
  3. When the Vault Hunter reaches the first freestanding platform on the way, gravity slam out of the Data Stream onto the platform
  4. Jump from there to the platform to the east, attached to a large cube structure
  5. Follow that platform counterclockwise around the cube structure, to where the mission Corrosion of Dignity is picked up, travelling up the strut as required.
  6. Take the Jump Pads back to the Data Splitter


  • There are a few assertions found online which may have been true in the past, but at least as of the October 29, 2015 patch on PC (possibly earlier), these added steps are not necessary:
    • One claim was that in order for this challenge to complete, the player must disable and then re-enable their Badass Rank to force a save, after landing on the platform in step 3.
    • Another claim was that the Vault Hunter must land on the lower platform on the final jump back to the Data Splitter, rather than the top platform which would be hit without player interaction.


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